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Casino Gas-o

Incorporate games of chance into how much is paid for gas
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Sick of getting stung at the pump for high prices?

Come on down to Casino Gas-o! Rather than listing a flat gas rate, the signs outside the station show today's "odds" on the prices:

1% for 45 cents; 5% for 60cents; 20% for 65cents; 15% for 67cents...... so on.

The only catch is that you have to fill 'er up before you take you chances with the odds. One problem I see is that most chronic gamblers will ALWAYS have a full tank of gas, and probably a few full jerry cans filling up the trunk and back seats.

Sure, many gas stations offer various types of discounts, but none so far set up with a betting scheme (I think!).

A possible jingle for this establishment could use Kenny Roger's The Gambler: "...you never count your gallons, when you're pumpin' at the station, there'll be time enough for countin', when the pumpin's done...."

Wes, Mar 06 2001

Musical Inspiration http://www.halfbake...nny_20rogers_20.com
Perhaps it could be run by a Kenny Rogers look-a-like? [pnewp, Mar 06 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Yeah! Have three wheels turning as the gasoline flows by, and slightly faster, and with some chance of lining up three tigers or somesuch.
jutta, Mar 06 2001

       Can you increase your odds by agreeing to pay for a car wash, too?
centauri, Mar 06 2001

       I seem to recall hearing of a (full-service) gas station which would give a free fill-up if the auto-shutoff tripped at an integer multiple of $5.00. Doubt if it's still around, though.
supercat, Mar 07 2001

       How about steak knives or road maps if you fill up the trunk? Don't Forget to hold up the hose when almost done to squeeze out the last two quarts/ liters usually left in the hose for the next suc...customer.
bluto, May 08 2003

       Some states forbid the sale of gas at a loss. New Jersey is an example.
n2toh, Jan 08 2006

       In Japan this is done with all sorts of vending machines, but not petrol (at least that I know of). [Steve DeGroof] is right on the money with the flashing lights and noises. The machinery lets everyone know that you nailed a free one.
humanbean, Jan 08 2006

       Filling the car is boring - this has to be a winner, and I don't even gamble.
wagster, Jan 08 2006

       //Some states forbid the sale of gas at a loss// You ever heard of a casino that made a loss?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jan 08 2006


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