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Class Gas

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Expanding on Blissy's comment in the post titled 'premium, premium gas' , premium pumps should have a golden spout with ivory handles, mid-grade should be a polished stainless steel spout with carved polished wood handles, and 'regular' should have a pewter spout (with all the dents that pewter accumulates) with somewhat sticky plastic handles that are deliberately designed to pinch the fingers when engaging and disengaging the trigger lock.

You do not get to choose which fuel is best for your vehicle based on your own, extensive knowledge of how these things work. The security camera is connected to an A.I. that determines the fanciness of your vehicle based solely on appearance, and only the pump handle that the A.I. has determined is appropriate for your choice of ride is unlocked to be able to be removed from the pump.

In states like Oregon, where a station attendant is required to pump your fuel, the attendant approaches your vehicle dressed to match the appropriate pump for it.

21 Quest, May 26 2012


       What are the Diesel pumps like?
Alterother, May 26 2012

       An exact replica of a 12 Gauge pump shotgun. Specific make/ model may vary.
21 Quest, May 26 2012

       Works for me. Two of my three vehicles are Diesel powered, and my Jeep don't expect nothin' better'n the worst anyway. Bun.

       Just make sure there aren't any canopies over the Diesel pumps. We fill the tanks of our big snarling trucks standing in the outdoors, fully exposed to the elements, the way Ma Nature intended.
Alterother, May 26 2012

       Do you mean class garse?
pocmloc, May 27 2012

       Garse? I likes it.
21 Quest, May 27 2012

       I was hoping this was about teenage boys farting on demand, in Chemistry classes.
UnaBubba, May 27 2012

       This will only lead to strife between the classes, rioting of Marxists at the gas pumps, mass outbreaks of unbridled socialism, and the enrichment of Dick Cheney.
RayfordSteele, May 28 2012

       This seems even more appropriate now.
21 Quest, Apr 03 2022

       Could also have various payment options, like "Gold bullion", "Re-mortgage your house", "Left kidney".
neutrinos_shadow, Apr 03 2022


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