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Burglar Botherer

Air pressure modulator as burglar deterrent
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Most home security devices work on the principle of the alerting of other people, and offer no further deterrent to would-be burglars.

At the other extreme, devices designed to cause permanent harm would be illegal in most countries (except for personal defense), and though tempting to those recently burgled, are probably not desirable.

Designed for homes that do not need opening windows (for example, high rise apartment studios), an air bellows in the ceiling headspace (or utility shaft) designed to displace about a cubic metre of air in less than a second could be installed. It would sit within a sealed link between the ceiling and the outside atmosphere, with the front door replaced with a rudimentary airlock design - say a revolving door (the seal wouldn't have to be perfect).

When the alarm is tripped, a verbal warning would sound, followed by the rapid modulation of the air pressure inside the apartment. This would play havoc with the burglar's internal airspaces (particularly the eardrum), causing him/her considerable discomfort.

The glass in the windows would need particularly strong mountings to prevent them being blown outward (or smashed by an enraged burglar). Escape would be possible via the revolving door.

Adze, May 24 2005


       Interesting idea ... but perhaps you could try locking your door? I don't know why everyone's so fussed about robbery ... it's not happened to me before.
Mrlemonjelly, Nov 22 2005

       [MrLJ] you're tempting fate there!   

       Good idea though - not sure how workable it would be... [+]
kmlabs, Nov 24 2005

       How much pressure difference does there have to be to cause discomfort? 1 m^3 doesn't seem like a very large proportion of the living-space to me.
Loris, Nov 24 2005

       How about some scary music and the sound effect of an evil laugh? That should bother a burgular.
Jscotty, Nov 25 2005

       An evil laugh would simply set off the hand-drier...
Adze, Nov 25 2005

       MrLJ, you are a lucky individual. I've had my stuff stolen a couple times, and I would do lethal harm to someone doing it again. Loud warbling alarms, and bright stobe lights would be easier to impliment. Loud country music would work, too. But I don't want to be TOO cruel.
rallen71366, Dec 18 2005


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