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Castle Landfill

Fabric envelope domicile insulated & compression load bearing with user trash.
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So, you want a home & yard. They can get a bit pricey, no?

In some places the land costs not as much, but the building of buildings will.

Imagine a laminated fabric exterior (Re: Denver Airport roof) upheld by many empty airfilled, zip top boxes, each in their own wall chamber.

The home at first will be either chilly or overwarm, depending on you lattitude & season. This is durable as hopefully you are in your mid 20's & have yet to sign up for all of the junk mail you can get.

As the junk mail, credit card mailings, grocery adverts, etc. start pouring in, You look to the sky above & thank whatever it is you believe in for your blessings.

The shredder makes good work of all of them & you bag 'em all up w/ the week's garbage & hope that you can fill an insulating ZTB module (ZTB = Zip Top Box).

The ZTB works on a multiple inflation seal that has been refined to keep out odors. As you have opened some of the first stuffed to re-stuff w/ new bags (to account for settlement), you know that this has been working quite well, as all you smelled then was the scent bags you threw in on top.

In about a month or so, you think that you might add on a new wing to Castle You, as you've had this one paid off for a while & are just waiting to finish the insulation / bearing process. - Why can't the mailings come more frequently?

Zimmy, Oct 22 2005

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       A fishbone already? Well enough of those & I can bag 'em & put 'em in the ZTB!
Zimmy, Oct 22 2005

       What about simply selling forms that you pack the trash into.
Antegrity, Oct 22 2005

       Heh. Landfill Masonry Units? LMU?
Zimmy, Oct 22 2005

       Baked. Search for papercrete. Concrete with shredded paperpulp. There's even a dome made of metal studs wrapped in chicken-wire and sprayed with papercrete. Supposed to be non-flammable.
rallen71366, Dec 19 2005


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