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Crate housing

Live anywhere you like!
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The idea springs from recent others on this site (I think [UB] shipping crate housing for refugees?), and could have already been done in itws own particular aspect.

The idea is that a large, steel framed structure is erected, could be up to equivalent seven stories high, say 20 4-mtr modules wide, with car parking / community facilities on ground. As part of this massive steel frame is the master elec, sewer, AC/heat supply lines to single contact points at each module, access stairs and corridors on one side, possibly temporary screening so it doesn;t look too ugly.

The housing module is the removable component, consisting of a metal box (like a shipping crate) with windows at each end, type one having living space at one end, bedroom at the other, in between being the kitchen and bathroom, type two being two bedrooms each end, larger bath/store in the middle, this crate is of a size suita b le for trucking or shipping.

It means that you can book a space in your preferred location (refer notes on pre-erected steel frame structure above) and have your living module inserted. When you get sick of that place or your neighbours, just book another position somewhere, pay the relocation fee and your crate gets transported, with all belonings inside. Saves you packing! Makes international relocation for young single types so much easier - no more need to bother packing! Just have a 6 - 8 week holiday while your crate catches up with you (assuming you have not packed yourself in. Or rent/buy two modules for that second and third bedroom! just double your transport cost.

The second phase of this system is - cruise ships so you can travel with your crate! no not really. at least phase 1 might work. when you've payed off your crate, the worlds really your oyster.

williamsmatt, Oct 08 2008

Container Housing Designed For Portability http://gliving.tv/a...tecture/containers/
TempoHousing in the Netherlands is already in the process of making this a global reality, and Port-A-Bach has an alternative geared more to the single family user. [jurist, Oct 14 2008]


Voice, Oct 08 2008

       ian, yes, it exists in london. the idea is to make it global.
williamsmatt, Oct 08 2008

       //cruise ships...no not really//
Why not ? container ships could reserve the outside and top layers for the turtle-people.

       Ya know... if you integrate jack-legs into the corners... you can have an open-air first-storey for a porch/garage, and when it comes time to move, just park a flatbed truck underneath and lower it down.
FlyingToaster, Oct 08 2008


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