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Ein Haus, Zwei Haus

New houses dreamt up after watching the movie "Red Sorghum"
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Have you ever dreamt about architecture or special kinds of spaces - as spaces? I often do, it's very common, I think.

Last night, two new houses came to me in a rather uncomplicated dream, which I will not describe. The buildings may have some interesting properties, which is why I have put them on paper.

Ein Haus is a large glass disk that will be built on a green pasture, close to the sea, near a cliff. Like on the coast of South England or Ireland.

The house would gently turn with the wind. It shows some kind of 'tension' and 'balance'. When I looked at it in my dream, for some strange reason I said: "Ein Haus".

Zwei Haus is especially good if you go out shopping, like I did after visiting Ein Haus. I had just bought basic groceries and walked home with my bag.

Arriving at my home, I took the stairs that guide you alongside the wall to Zwei Haus.

When I reached the little terrace, I looked out over the suburb where the house is built, and I said: "Zwei Haus".

Please find the designs in the links. They are not inventions, just idiosyncratic creations that can be baked further, but they do contain some new concepts!!

I prefer Ein, but maybe Zwei is more funny!

django, May 24 2007

Ein http://i3.photobuck...us.jpg?t=1179969127
First one [django, May 24 2007]

Zwei http://i3.photobuck...us.jpg?t=1179969425
The second one [django, May 24 2007]

Red Sorghum http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Sorghum
No, I wasn't drunk. [django, May 24 2007]

Ein Haus with view http://news.com.com...html?tag=ne.gall.pg
Think of django's Ein Haus on its side jutting out of the canyon wall... [Canuck, May 25 2007]

Habitats in dreams can spawn some interesting anno strings... Low_20budget_20spacecraft
[normzone, May 25 2007]

AlDar HQ http://www.hqad.ae/homepage.php
I saw a doco about this building, and remembered [django]s dream house. [neutrinos_shadow, Feb 16 2011]


       Right, so ein haus is fun for windy days. If the zwei haus wall runs east-west, and you're not too near the equator, that gives you some useful shade on sunny days. And for wet days?   

       You want the drei haus.
pertinax, May 24 2007

       I like to say 'zwanzig'.
moomintroll, May 24 2007

       Intriguing. [+] for you, and for [pertinax] too.   

       The next house on from [pertinax]'s is home to people with phobias of various kinds - they all live in vier.
imaginality, May 24 2007

       And the fünf air is always refreshing.   

       And it gets even better next door.
pertinax, May 25 2007

       "steins", Shirley?
pertinax, May 25 2007

       Are you sure you hadn't watched "The Thirty-nine Steps" as well? That's how many stairs you show going up to Zwei Haus. I couldn't deal with that many stairs. Of course Ein Haus has even more. Maybe I'll wait for a horizontal version of Ein Haus that's installed along the lines of the link. That would be some kind of view! I can imagine it would freak out your cat so it would run away and never come back.
Canuck, May 25 2007

       So, neutrinos_shadow: they stole my design. I will file damage claims. It seems like they're rich. I will go for some millions.
django, Feb 19 2011

       Actually you could probably bluff yourself a few thousand.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 19 2011


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