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Custom Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers filled with whatever you want.
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Okay, okay, so if you fill them with kerosene then technically they aren't fire extinguishers any more, but that's another whole subject.

I think it would be cool to have New Year's Fire Extinguishers that spray champagne or even soda-dispensing "extinguishers".

Alphabox, Jan 23 2001

Fire Extinguisher Ratings and Types http://www.hanford....safety/extingrs.htm
Classes A-D are already defined. [jutta, Jan 23 2001]


       Obviously they would have to have some kind of label on them warning that they are not REAL fire extinguishers and saying what they contents actually are. Or they could be different colours.
Alphabox, Jan 23 2001

       A label would not suffice. In the event of a real fire, if you see something that looks very much like a fire extinguisher, you're not going to carefully read the warning stickers (even though you really ought to find out if you're using an A extinguisher on that kitchen grease fire); you're going to grab it and use it.
egnor, Jan 24 2001

       On the other side, most things that you'd reasonably want to spray at people or drink would probably also extinguish a fire, so there may be some overlap.
Class E extinguishers, E for Edible.
jutta, Jan 24 2001

       Silly String is a reasonable thing to want to spray at people and it's highly flammable.
centauri, Jan 24 2001

       True Story: At my friend's 18th birthday party years back, a few jokers sprayed him with silly string as he was blowing out the candles and he became engulfed in flames. Luckily, he busted out with the "stop/drop and roll" dance and only ended up with minor burns.
iuvare, Jan 24 2001

       We called this a "Floomer" when I was growing up. You would go to hotel with old-style fire extinguishers, the big metal ones that have a screw top, empty it out of whatever they have in there (mostly a powdered sulfur-like substance) and fill it with whatever liquid is available. Water and soft drinks were used most of the time. Then you go to a gas station and using the air hose, fill it up so that the pressure gauge was at the top of the green line. We would then drive around town spraying at people. Needless to say, we were punk kids, but you can't imagine how funny it is to a freshman in high school. Come to think of it, I may still have mine in my parents garage.
marc1919, Mar 14 2001

       People would definitly complain because their house blew up while they were trying to put out a fire with an extinguisher filled with gasoline. Insurance companys would get claims like (I accidently set my arm on fire and i tried to put it out and I blew up my other arm and now i don't have any arms.)
jeffman, Jul 22 2003


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