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Cat collars? Or cat *rings*?

collarless collars for cats
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Cats carry various things on their collar around their necks. I for one feel sorry for my cat as I would hat a big itchy collar around my neck. why can't cats get earrings or something so that they can hang their bells, name tags or little cat door openers on that instead. It would be stylish, modern and you could evenput it somewhere else... like their tail or nose :-)

I know it's not a great idea, but my cat would love it!

Zwe, Jul 07 2001


       We have to put bells on our cats - because we also keep tame white fantail doves - the bells warn them of our cats arrival - you can't put a bell under the skin
Zwe, Jul 07 2001

       I'm pretty sure my cats would be offended if I attempted to put collars on them.....and even more offended if I threatened to pierce a body part.....
Susen, Jul 07 2001

       I wouldn't trust earrings to stay on, especially if the cats fight. Nose-rings (of the sort seen on bulls) are probably a more viable possibility, except that the bell dangling from it would interfere with the cat washing itself.
baf, Jul 08 2001

       There's a half-baked idea: cat punks.
globaltourniquet, Jul 08 2001

       Have you tried a noose?
thumbwax, Jul 08 2001

       Cats r the creatures of Satan. Dogz rool.
lewisgirl, Jul 08 2001

       track them by GPS and use orbital lasers to warn the birds...
RobertKidney, Jul 08 2001

       Cats seem to favor bells on the laces of their tiny running shoes.
The Military, Jul 08 2001

       Before he lost a head-on fight with a locomotive, my brother's old tom, father of my senior cat, had about five bells on his collar but still managed to do a sterling job on the local pigeon population (including a racing pigeon which was only identifiable as such because Thompson decided not to eat the leg with a ring on it), as well as several sea-gulls, crows, and a spectacularly large brown rat, which he deposited on the kitchen floor, stone dead without a mark on it.
angel, Jul 09 2001

       That would be because cats learn to walk without ringing the bell. A mirror on the collar reflects light onto the prospective prey, thus warning it.   

       But anyway, my cat always found a way to wrench his collar off.
jetgrrl, Jul 09 2001

       my cat learnt to tuck the warning bells under his chin so no sound was heard.
Zwe, Jul 09 2001

       One thing a collar or jewelry does for a cat is make the fact that it belongs with a family visible. Implants are not a suitable replacement for collars in a neighborhood with people more compasionate than respectful of property rights.   

       I think earrings would work if they were put in at a young age. I've read about cats having them before.
bear, Jul 09 2001

       I've read about people injecting their cats with heroin. That doesn't make it a good idea. Body piercing for pets? Gets you a fishbone. It's bad enough that people do it to their children.
angel, Jul 09 2001

       Cats Love Fishbones. So does that mean fishbones are good or bad on this idea?
thumbwax, Jul 09 2001

       According to an IMAX movie I saw, they actually push themselves along with their hind paws, covering their nose with both front paws. I didn't believe it either, till I saw one doing it in the movie. Bear ass high in the air and the whole place cracked up. Maybe that's why they're successful at hunting seals, they start laughing so hard they can't run away...
StarChaser, Jul 09 2001

       I gues covering the polar bears with bells wouldnt help matters then...
RobertKidney, Jul 09 2001

       Say, that reminds me... there was a family of Polar Bears... Junior asked his father if it was true they were Polar Bears. His father put down the blubber snacks and said "Of course, now stop bothering me" He then asked his Mum if it was true, "Aye, it's true - go away - I'm making dinner". At the dinner table Junior brought it up again. His Father snapped and said "Look, we've got white fur, black noses we've got to cover while we're hunting seals, very long sharp claws which I'm going to strike you with if you ask that again. Now why do you keep asking?" Junior said "Because I'm f*#king freezing!" True Story
thumbwax, Jul 10 2001

       never fear I am here (thats just to let Zwe know who I am) and TW I don't think thats a true story. oh and Zwe cat have very sensitive ears if ya pierced them it would make them worse hunters and would hurt them a lot and may even rip their ears off if they are active cats. My cat doesn't mind his collar but if ya try and touch it then he will try and scratch you, my dads put our phone number on his collar but no one will be able to read it because our cat won't let them near it!!!
GreeboMaster, Oct 11 2001


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