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Cat pillow

not made from or for cats.
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There is nothing like the soft fur of a purring cat. It makes the perfect mid Sunday afternoon nap pillow. It lulls you to sleep after even the most horrendous Tuesday. But not everyone cares to own a real cat-- moreover said cat may not be the kind that wants to be a pillow-- and even if you are lucky enough to have a willing pillow cat said pillow cat may not always be in the "be a pillow mood"

This is why they must make a pillow with soft fur, rubbery bones that purrs. What could be better?

futurebird, Apr 01 2004

Pet-shaped pet bed http://www.halfbake...-shaped_20pet_20bed
Same idea, but for your pet. Hadn't considered the purring option. [phoenix, Oct 04 2004]

The Purlow (Prototype) http://www.purlow.com/
Inventor looking for someone interested in manufacturing. [jutta, Oct 15 2005]

qoobo https://qoobo.info/index-en/
Robotic fur-covered cushion with a tail, about $150. [jutta, Jan 06 2022]


       The idea of a spontaneously stirring pillow is itself comforting.
dpsyplc, Apr 01 2004

       Just for cat naps or will the pillow hiss if your dog tired?   

       if I could, I'd give you several breads but for now have ... this one!
The_Englishman_Abroad, Apr 02 2004

       Would this not though be seen by some as a replacement for traditional cats, and therefore leave even more stranded in need of a good home...
Although anyone who gets a cat just to use as a pillow is ethically questionable, and therefore not a great potential cat owner.
I gotta tell you, i'm torn...
MikeOliver, Apr 02 2004

       //a replacement for traditional cats//   

       A cat being replaced by a pillow? That's something that should have been in "Blade Runner."
jellydoughnut, Oct 16 2005

       This idea brings back disturbing memories of all the times my cat has curled up next to my pillow with her dried-up turd clumps stuck to her butt hair, right next to my face of course.... No thanks!
Navy_Guns, Oct 16 2005

       Lovely. Just lovely.
dbmag9, Jun 29 2006

       Ha, jutta, I see furturebird on Twitter. Love that brain.   

       This idea deserved greatness in the hall of fame, me thinks.
blissmiss, Jan 06 2022

       Classic. Not sure it needs soft bones though.
doctorremulac3, Jan 06 2022

       Well if it had hard bones it would be less comfy
pocmloc, Jan 06 2022


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