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Bathtap cushion

avoid painful shoulder-blade injuries from bathtaps.
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For a variety of standard geometries of bathtaps, one would imagine that a shaped inflatable or quilted waterproof fabric cover could be easily crafted to protect people from inadvertent bathtap injuries.

Some examples of difficult bathtap moments: 1. you are sharing a bath and it's your turn to go up the bathtap end. Horseplay ensues, and you wriggle backwards into the evil waiting arms of the bathtaps, which bluntly impale your upper back/shoulder region. 2. Toddlers in baths: inadequate spatial awareness, head injuries. Incidentally, for all the cries of "you coud put someone's eye out with that", I've never heard of someone's eye actually having been put out in a domestic accident.

So in conclusion I think it would be good for world peace and harmony to have a fitted, zip-up, bounce-off bathtap cushion, perhaps even incorporating squeezy squeaky dog/baby-toy technology for musical bathtime fun. And it would also alleviate the toe-stuck-in-tap problem for absent-minded solo bathers.
badgers, May 18 2003

Sof’Spout http://www.babyguar...com/soffauccov.html
[Shz, Oct 06 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Tubbly Bubbly http://www.kidsurplus.com/bgtbf.html
[Shz, Oct 06 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       bath cushions are quite baked. what I would like is a bath beanbag.   

       your idea seems quite centred down the plughole end, perhaps some sort of emergency air bag? (like the one in the car)
po, May 18 2003

       I like the concept, but would rather see it implemented as rubber fixtures.
phoenix, May 18 2003

Shz, May 18 2003

       well, I did suggest an airbag.
po, May 19 2003

       I'd say [Shz]'s links pretty well cover this one.
bristolz, May 19 2003

       the products in the links are cute - and I'd never have found them - but they don't seem to be made for more traditional bathtaps. I think what I was trying to get at was a larger cover which would attach around any protruding bath accessory, of various complexities of architecture. Perhaps a design solution too far; oh well... [[was] marked for expiry]
badgers, May 20 2003

       Pretty good idea. Is it the HB convention to "-" a fully baked idea?
bquady, May 21 2003

       No - a 'baked' idea needn't be voted down or even deleted. It depends on how half-baked it is and how widely known it is. If it's 'baked', but just a gloriously half-baked, clever and beautiful idea which no one else has heard of, then it will probably stay.
hippo, May 21 2003

       [bquady], even I (with my sinister links) did not fishbone this idea. It’s a well-intentioned idea that is not likely to be widely known. [badgers], yeah I call it baked, but that’s only because I own one. The links are there FYI, which is a valuable aspect of halfbaking in my opinion, not a reason to delete your idea.
Shz, May 21 2003

       Quick Robin! Deploy the Bat Htapcushion!
bungston, May 21 2003

       Ah. Thanks guys. Kwah-sohn for the bathtap balloon!
bquady, May 21 2003

       <goes and looks at links> - and generally links on this site are to things which I would almost certainly never otherwise see!
hippo, May 22 2003


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