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Catastrophe Tank

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Catastrophe Tank

Hasn't everyone fantasized about being on the scene and getting wet when there is a large format catastrophic fish tank failure?

This is a fish tank engineered to have a catastrophic failure either on demand or when you least expect.

vfrackis, Feb 26 2014

The Hundred Thousand Gallon Restaurant http://www.halfbake...Gallon_20Restaurant
[mitxela, Feb 27 2014]

tank fails at disney http://www.cnn.com/...ndex.html?hpt=hp_t3
[vfrackis, Mar 19 2014]


       But what happens to the fish? This would be cruelty to animals unless there was a way to save all the fish!
xandram, Feb 27 2014

       They could be inside rolling goldfish bowls that are nested inside the tank.
RayfordSteele, Feb 27 2014

       yes Rolling Gold Fish was excellent and that would work except it would be so sad if one gold fish each were in nested tanks they could never interact.   

       what use is being a fish if you can't interact with other fish right?   

       they could be inside a tank within a tank
vfrackis, Feb 27 2014

       This could always be a sushi restaurant, then the fish carnage will not be a problem.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 27 2014

       Tank within a tank? I figured getting slapped in the face by fish was part of the experience.   

       Regarding cruelty, the fish could already be dead - maybe a few weeks old as well.
mitxela, Feb 27 2014

       Dead baby fish? Why?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 27 2014

       If they were too large, customers may get injured.   

       There also needs to be cuttlefish which can cling on to people's heads as they rise from (or lie motionless) in the rubble.
mitxela, Feb 27 2014

       Flying fish are what's needed.   

       Robot fish. After the tank collapses they can further disturb observers by extending little legs and scampering away.
gisho, Feb 27 2014

       //Hasn't everyone fantasized about being on the scene and getting wet when there is a large format catastrophic fish tank failure?//   

       In an attempt to answer your question I started asking around the office, and now all my co-workers think I'm a loony. Thanks, [vfrackis].
ytk, Feb 27 2014

       //now all my co-workers think I'm a loony//
heh... and what have we learned?

       Hey, why does it even have to be fish? Lots of things are kept in aquariums that would do just fine surfing out the Tanknarok.
Sea lions, tiger seals, and polar bears spring to mind.

       Lobsters, sand crabs, and jellyfish would be more interesting...
RayfordSteele, Feb 28 2014

       but jelly fish have no presence i mean they flatten out completely when they hit the floor you won't even know they are there
vfrackis, Feb 28 2014

       //Tanknarok// [marked-for-something]
FlyingToaster, Mar 01 2014

       I'm thinking more of an autoclave full of boiling sulphuric acid.
pertinax, Mar 02 2014

       You could start with a puzzling half-empty tank that appears to have nothing in it except a few plastic bags floating around.   

       Then you loudly dump in half a tank of simulated raw sewage (the effect being achieved by dyes and floating things).   

       At the time of the catastrophe, you'd have to release some unpleasant smelling gas (it is meant to be a catastrophe, after all). Hydrogen Sulphide might be a bit of an expensive long term alternative, but would be hard to beat.   

       ... Well it would be nice and refreshing, still, wouldn't it?
skoomphemph, Mar 05 2014

       If every there were an idea that belongs in a place called the Halfbakery, this is it.   

       /jelly fish have no presence/ Until the stinging starts. And you find that they have all clambered into your clothes. You did not notice because of the cuttlefish on your head.
bungston, Mar 05 2014

       I do not mean to slight jellyfish im mean i respect them that is to say I have an appropriate amount of respect for jellyfish . once they hit the floor they are just A pile of mush and they pose no threat no performance from them at all. I think it's wrong to put people in a position where they are forced feel sad for jellyfish fish tank catastrophe is meant to be exhilarating
vfrackis, Mar 06 2014

       A tank full of syrup?   

       Or aromatic oils?   

       Or just lots of refreshing water, suddenly appearing to be invaded by a kamikaze great white shark (a projection), who swims straight at the glass - at which point the catastrophe appears to happen.   

       "Look, I think they've got a shark in there."   

       -- "Oh yes. And is that not the soundtrack of Jaws?"   


       Everyone has a nice exhilarating wake-up.
skoomphemph, Mar 19 2014

       I was just about to link up that tank. I bet that is vfrakis holding the camera phone.
bungston, Mar 19 2014


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