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Mylar Burnoose

None cooler.
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The plight of our troops sweltering in the desert has moved me to invention. Arab desert dwellers have long worn long black burnooses, which theoretically cause some sort of air convection cooling, but look fiendishly hot to me. I propose that burnooses be made of mylar. Brilliantly reflective, the suns rays and infrared heat will be reflected away, keeping the wearer cool. The burnooses will be roomy enough to go on over bulletproof vests and opaque enough to wear over an "unfurnished basement", as Bart would say. They will become standard for all hot weather folks everywhere.
bungston, Aug 12 2005


       Is it worth the sacrafice in breathability? You might get pretty damp in there.
oxen crossing, Aug 12 2005

       Ah, yes, let's give our troops reflective gear that will make them really stand out for those snipers...   

       I thought they all had air conditioned clothing?
DrCurry, Aug 12 2005


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