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Cause Vending Machine

Fund via vending machine donations
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Having trouble funding a project? Make it a choice on a vending machine. Machine displays a variety of causes and donors choose which one to fund. Put machines at heavy traffic zones like malls around Xmas time, trade shows, etc. Transaction choices could be paid by cash or credit, big or small, one time or installments, etc. What you get: a receipt and maybe fliers or brochures with detailed info about the cause; i.e. something tangible to read and pass on. Viral, yes? For more esoteric projects machines could be placed at Maker Faires, etc.
Steamboat, Jul 06 2010


       Maybe a short video loop on a screen that showed the donor what he/she was able to fund with their contribution.
Cedar Park, Jul 07 2010

       Video loop idea sounds great! This would be particularly useful for funding the esoteric stuff.
Steamboat, Jul 10 2010


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