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Clothing Vending machine.

Put in money and get clothes!
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I hate Going to Huge stores to find the right clothes. They should have a simple machine where you put in your size of shirt, Pants, whatever.

Then it gives you a list of cloths to choose from that will fit you. You touch the number+letter that matches what you picked. It gets it all ready. Then you put in your money and pick up your clothes right from the flapping door and be on your way.

waxbeetle, Oct 02 2005


       Go through the same process online without having to leave the house.
fridge duck, Oct 02 2005

       If you need to go to Huge stores it suggests that normal stores don't cater to your clothing size. A vending machine would be even less likely to have your size, or is the machine simply going to stretch the clothes to fit?   

       Nice try though for a first time effort so I'm staying neutral. Love the profile page though. Beautifully concise.
hidden truths, Oct 02 2005

       The vending machine would have to be huge, and it'd be expensive, so I think it's best to do as fridge_duck says and go online to shop. I wonder if there's any online store that has just basics? I'd shop there. Waxbeetle, you start one up and I'll shop there.
DukTape, Oct 03 2005

       I thought internet shopping replaced all those clumsy, old-fashioned clothing vending machines. I touch a few buttons, put in some money, and clothing shows up on my doorstep.
jurist, Oct 03 2005

       This is also baked...Saw several of these types of things when i travelled through the far east. most selling only lingerie and underwear, but some sold other stuff.
shinobi, Oct 03 2005

       Given that automation and computing power often enable new and useful concepts that were previously unheard of: I wonder if the clothing vending machine could produce (i.e. "cut and sew") the article of clothing "on demand". You shove your cash in the slot. There's some humming and whirring, and out pops your trousers. This would make better use of resources, cut way down on sweatshop labor, and assure that your favorite (US spelling) jeans are never out of stock.
crater, Oct 03 2005


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