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Having a wobbly fan creates a very annoying click. What I propose is a sort of clamp that can adjust to different rod diameters. When clamped it holds the rod steady with respect to the actual base. Of course this only works with the suspended kind of fans.
the fiddler, Apr 03 2006


       Why not get a new fan?
DesertFox, Apr 03 2006

       This is cheaper than a new fan and you don't have to test different weights.
the fiddler, Apr 03 2006

       The reason why fans are allowed to wobble, is to stop the force being transmitted to the base: working it loose; or creating vibration in the ceiling.   

       I suggest that if you implement your clamp, the next idea will be some kind of method to stop falling fans, or to remove annoying movement of your ceiling.   

       [phlish] is right: most fans are supplied with moveable weights. But Blu-tack works just as well. Just make sure the blades are aligned as well as you can, first.
Ling, Apr 04 2006

       A heat pump would be nice too [bigsleep].
methinksnot, Apr 04 2006

       I'll vote for this one. I don't agree with Ling that your clamp would cause the fan to fall -- or move your ceiling at all. I think that all you would need to do is build a shimmy damper similar to what's on the nose wheel of small aircraft. It's just a shock absorbing rod.
zigness, Apr 04 2006

       In theory, you should be able to stabilize a wobbly fan by fixing it firmly to a fan having an equally opposing wobble. I propose a web site that serves as a wobbly fan clearinghouse. You measure your fan's parameters (unsprung weight, wobble period, rpm, etc.) & then enter the parameters plus your contact info into the web site database. Fanware searches the database for a matching anti-wobbly fan and sends contact information to you and the other fan's owner so you can negotiate a mating of the fans, as it were.   

       Another idea: a device that attaches to the wobbly fan and uses the motion there to churn up fresh farm butter! You just pour in the cream & salt! etc. etc.
luxlucet, Apr 27 2006


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