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Celebrity Name Tag

You and Friend(s) Spar with Celebrity/Famous Names
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When we were younger, my friend and I collected baseball cards. Sometimes I would spend the night, and, due to huge amounts of caffeine and junk food, we would stay up half the night. To pass the time, we would talk about girls, what girls had that we didn't, and how we could get those things and have them do things with our things.

Anyway, eventually one of us would say the name of a baseball player. The next person would have to come back with a name that included a) one of the names just said, b) a significant form of the name just said, c) a solid relationship to the name just said, or d) a name so funny or obscure that none of the previous three conditions applied. The object is to keep going as long as possible until one of the players is stumped. The stumpee wins!

The fun part is that you can start with any name, and it doesn't have to be baseball--that's just how we started out due to our frame of reference. We included celebrity names for the most part with occasional allowances for non-famous/not real people we both knew if the name was apt enough--some of the rules have to be decided as you go along. Also, you can challenge a name if you don't understand the reference/signifigance.

Example Game: HOWARD Johnson--Ron HOWARD--HOWARD Cosell--DENNIS Miller--Challenge! Why Cosell and Dennis Miller?-- Two acidic-tongued barb artists on Monday Night Football--DENNIS the Menace--DENNY MCCLAIN--MACLEAN STEVENSON--STEVEN BISHOP--BISHOP DESMOND Tutu-- DEMOND WILSON--Challenge! Who is Demond Wilson?-- LaMont from "Sanford & Son"--WOODROW WILSON--WOODROW V---- S----!--(Gales of laughter as we think of Woodrow who went to school with us)--WOODY HARRELSON--BUD HARRELSON--BUD BLACK--HARRY BLACKSTONE, JR.--HARRY Belafonte, JR.--Sammy Davis, Jr.--(hey, that's cheap. yeah, but it counts. okay)-- ADAM Sandler--Challenge! What does Adam Sandler have to do with Sammy Davis Jr.?--Remember the Thanksgiving Song where Sandler sings, "Sammy Davis Jr only has one eye?" (oh, okay)--ADAM 12--That's a TV show, not a name, five seconds--ADAM, from the Bible!--EVE--AVA GABOR--Zsa Zsa GABOR--Greta GARBO--HARPO Marx--OPRAH WINFREY--Dave WINFIELD!--(more laughter)--and so on!

It's also a game you can play in chat rooms if you get somebody who's "in" to what you're doing. The "Five-Second Rule" lets someone make up for a goof like Adam 12 or another name that's not applicable.

Have Fun!

zaphod12, Nov 13 2001


       I used to make casette compilations this way, sometimes alternating band names with song titles that had common words. "Ladytron" by Roxy Music; "I Can Hear Music" by the Beach Boys; "Boys" by the Beatles, etc. and so on.
snarfyguy, Nov 14 2001

       Baked to a crisp. I remember something similar on the back of a sugar packet, only it had to be celebrities and they had to share a name (so your Denny Maclain, MacLean Stevenson, Steven Bishop cop-out wouldn't work)   

       Trust me. It wasn't fun.
CoolerKing, Nov 14 2001

       <waugs> First, of all, it was merely an example of how to play, and not everyone knows that DeMond Wilson played Lamont Sanford--mostly just nerds like us.   

       Second, try it in person with one of your best friends. It helps if it's really late, and it's sort of the point to go on for a long time, but eventually someone will get stumped.   

       Sixto Lezcano--Five Seconds.....   

       <snarfy> Yeah, I also like to make compilations with themes like "Colors" or "Love," but my best was "Five Minute Jazz Songs"--not easy to do in the post-swing era.   

       <cooler> Well, this isn't a fucking sugar packet is it?   

       <tiger> Thanks.   

       And, Bristolz, I have no idea what "1/2B nicks" means.
zaphod12, Nov 14 2001

       Halfbakery nicknames, I would guess...
snarfyguy, Nov 14 2001

       Well, duh! I know this isn't a fucking sugar packet, but the whole point of me shouting baked at you is that this idea has been done in a much harder way than your pathetic waste of time that never ends because there are so many fucking permutations no-one will ever get stumped unless of course they are a complete dumbass.   

       <takes deep breath>   

       Therefore, as your idea is not original, consider it [m-f-d]'d.
CoolerKing, Nov 14 2001

       you have to write that out in full, CK.
We play this in a group in the pub but thus:
Billy Connolly.
Cameron Diaz.
Dionne Warwick.
Willy Wonka.
(direction changes) Willy Nelson.
Neville Chamberlain.
Cameron Diaz.
PENALTY! already had that one, take a drink! Drink while you think, drink while you think...
Carrie Fisher.
umm.... (drink while you think!drink while you think!) Francis Scott Key.
who? oh, Stars and Stripes writer... do I use S or K now? either. ok. Kevin Smith.
Super Mario.
Marilyn Monroe.
Marilyn Manson.
Mickey Mouse.
Minnie Mouse. (and so on...)
lewisgirl, Nov 14 2001

       Lewisgirl just posted the same annotation as me a moment before:   

       We used to play the same game as her, a game called Marlon Brando, which is even simpler than zaphod12. You have to call out the name of someone whose first name begins with the first letter of the last person's last name. If you say a name whose first and last begins with the same letter, you reverse the order. And you're not allowed the same name twice.   

       So you go Marlon Brando - Bruce Forsyth - Frank Auerbach - Ally McCoist - Marily Monroe - CHANGE DIRECTION.   

       Although it seems pretty easy, it tends to go at a high pace (2 seconds thinking time), and is more fun when drunk. The no repetition rule makes it trickier as the game progresses, especially if you can fit in someone like Anthony Quinn or Peter Ustinov.   

       I admit, however, it's not that much fun - the last time I played this we'd already exhausted I-Spy and Ghosts (this was 3 months ago, on the train to see Robbie Williams).
pottedstu, Nov 14 2001

       //or d) a name so funny or obscure that none of the previous three conditions applied.//

So does that mean my Rusty Kuntz baseball card is basically a wild card?
AfroAssault, Nov 14 2001

       No more wild than my 'Fair Hooker' "Football" Card.
thumbwax, Nov 14 2001

       [I thought this idea would be some kind of scheme to make it mandatory for celebrities to wear name tags at all times ("Ah - so she's that one from Destiny's Child")]
hippo, Nov 14 2001

       Cool it, Cooler--I never said it was an original idea. I thought the point of this place was for, ahem, Half-Baked ideas. Please go play "tabledancing rugby" or "Is It Really A Fish?" if my simple little game so offends.   

       <snarfy> Thanks for the explanation of "1/2b nicks," I thought <bristolz> wanted Stevie Nicks to sing in a new key or for players to use only 1/2 of a Beatnik's name!   

       <Afro> Yes! Rusty Kuntz is a fabulous giggle inducer and wildcard, yet any old Bill Russell, Curly Russell, or Russell Crowe will let your opponenet continue the game. Another great wildcard is World Be Free--ex-Philadelphia-76er. And Andy Pafko works for baseball card fans.   

       <thumbwax> I never heard of that guy (girl?)--what year is the card? A good modern football wildcard is Tishaminga (Tim) Biakabituka. I don't think I spelled it right, but pronunciation is the key.   

       Fair Warning: This game can take HOURS!   

       <hippo> Celebrity Name Tags would be nice for those quick cameos and actors whose names are always just on the tip of your tongue--like the guy who played Putty on "Seinfeld" (Yes, I know his name, and he's starring in The Tick on Fox) or the guy who used to play Phoebe's brother on "Friends."
zaphod12, Nov 14 2001

       zaphod12: Stop complaining:   

       << Ideas for the halfbakery should be original to the poster and should not exist already. >>   

       (From the Halfbakery "help" page. And yes, I know other people break the rule, but that doesn't mean you should.)
pottedstu, Nov 15 2001

       [pottedstu] and [po] I don't think it's intentional, but whenever I see your names close together, they kind of meld into [spottedpu]. Does this happen to anyone else?
zaphod12, Nov 29 2001

       no but he is my significant other - over to you pottedstu
po, Nov 29 2001

       That's the first time I've ever been called "significant". I get called "other" all the time though: it's my personality, job, religion, opinion, and political party of choice. Perhaps we could average out our names, and be potte and potted.
pottedstu, Nov 29 2001


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