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A USB cradle to allow use of cellphone as mike/video camera
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Cellphones typically come with USB cradles to allow charging and synching of data through PC.

It would be nice if you could plug a phone into a cradle to utilize as a video camera and mike. The communication with other parties would then proceed as it does with any PC camera or mike (i.e. over the Internet, not the cell network).

theircompetitor, Mar 09 2005


       I like it. But there are plenty of cell phones that will let you do video conferencing across their own (Wireless) networks. Cell companies won't help you do this across internet because they want to charge you for the data transfer. I wish cell companies really did want to make our lives easier with quality products. A wistful bun for you.
RBStimers, Mar 10 2005

       Ah, but times have changed.
methinksnot, May 06 2011

       Indeed. I wrote this idea 3 months after starting a mobile phone game company. Everyone told me I was crazy, no one would ever play games on phones, the battery won't last.
theircompetitor, May 06 2011

       "It's too bad it won't last, but then again, nobody does..."   

       With apologies to Bladerunner.
normzone, May 06 2011


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