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Concert Flash Auto-Disabler

No flash photography, please
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At concerts, people often want to take pictures of the performers for some reason. That's fine, but they often forget to disable their flashes, at least for the first photo. It's kind of annoying.

When the camera app starts up, it should check to see if the ambient sound level is above a certain threshold. If so, the flash should default to off. You can turn it back on if you really want to.

ytk, Aug 26 2013


       [+], especially since only the very brightest professional flashes are useful beyond about 30'.   

       Fifteen years ago the era of the lighter came to an end; now at rock concerts the crowd is a sea of swaying backlit screens.   

       As an aside, T.G.F.J. and I went to an Amanda Palmer concert last fall and got pretty close to the stage; a band called Simple Pleasure opened (and totally freakin' rocked). When the singer came near, Jenny held up her iPad and snapped a few pics of him. He mugged for her, then whipped out a Droid and snapped a few of us, which almost immediately streamed onto a projection screen behind the stage. Pretty cool.
Alterother, Aug 26 2013


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