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Cell Mail

Goin' old-school...
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Nowadays, most people have cell phones. But there's still about 35 '/. of Americans who still don't have one. That's almost 98.5 million people!

Chances are, unless you spend entirely to much time at the Halfbakery, you know one of these cell-less miscreants. And let's say that you want to send the previously mentioned party a message or note. GAME OVER! They don't have a phone and you can't send them an e-mail until you get to a computer, and that's if they even have e-mail!

Another situation where this problem might arise is with your parents. They'll argue that technology was "simple" back in their day and they say, "We don't need no hi-falutin' cell phone!".

Now imagine this; one of these common situations occur and you want to handle it. Presenting, Cell Mail! All you do is send a text message to Cell Mail, or call them (1-800-CEL-MAIL) and they will write your cell-less friend/relative a letter. That's right, a normal old-fashion letter.

All you have to do is pay a small fee and they will send a typed or hand-written letter to the person of your choice. You must include an address and specifications about what type of writing and that's it! After delivery, a fee will be charged directly to your phone bill. It's so simple.

Jiimmhh, Dec 15 2003

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       sp: hear   

       Very cute. My Gpas would appreciate this service. However they do have a home phone that accepts calls even from mobile phones.   

       Also, (and I'm surprised you didn't think of this yourself) the time it takes for a letter puts the urgency of your message into the back seat. Well?
k_sra, Dec 15 2003

       Do telegrams still exist? Oh well. This is clever anyway.
Overpanic, Dec 15 2003

       Is it really only 35% left behind in the paper-mail age? I would expect it to be higher, although I have to agree that labeling this group as "miscreants" is deserving. Very apt indeed.
luecke, Dec 15 2003

       I agree that the punctuality of this service might not be very apt, but often when I do finally get on the phone with my grandparents I have a hard enough time getting them to understand me, and furthermore respond.   

       I think this is a very good idea [Jiimmhh].   

       Besides, there is a certian charm to a hand-written letter that you just don't find in e-mail or phone calls.
Nicotine, Dec 15 2003

       As a card-not-carrying non-cell-phone-carrier, I applaud this idea heartily. As long as the written letter does not include text messaging shortcuts.
darksasami, Dec 15 2003

       Gr8! Hppy 2 c u on r team!
Overpanic, Dec 15 2003

       I thought this was email for inmates at prisons.
dobtabulous, Dec 16 2003


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