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Cell phone pencil sharpener

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The mobile phone's vibra is an underutilised resource.
By the simple addition of a port on the side of a phone, and a small abrasive cone instead of the eccentric weight, the phone can operate as a pencil sharpener.
coprocephalous, Jun 30 2008

Rimshot http://www.instantrimshot.com/
[Dub, Jul 02 2008]

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       It would be a pain to wait around until someone called to sharpen your pencil.   

       Also, wouldn't the pencil-sharpening noise kind of defeat the purpose of the vibrator?
nomocrow, Jun 30 2008

       // It would be a pain to wait around until someone called to sharpen your pencil.//
No waiting--just call your own number.
ldischler, Jun 30 2008

       //pain to wait//
Leave the pencil in the phone, and it's always sharp.
Amos Kito, Jun 30 2008

       Im not gonna bone this, I think its a cool idea.   


       How do you plan to get enough torque from that tiny motor? If you gear it down, you need space for gears not to mention the sharpener and shavings drawer.
evilpenguin, Jun 30 2008

       //not to mention the sharpener and shavings drawer//
Well, obviously, the shavings are burned internally, powering a small steam turbine/generator, which tops up the phone's battery.

There is no need for much torque if an abrasive is used instead of a blade.
coprocephalous, Jul 02 2008

       If only the shavings could be used to recharge it.   

       {I've got a propelling cell phone}
Dub, Jul 02 2008

       no, use your finger like everyone else. {rimshot}
coprocephalous, Jul 02 2008


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