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Cell Phone DNS Service

Use an easy to remember word instead of your phone number.
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This service would allow you to link your phone number to a word that is easier to remember. It would be similar to computer based DNS, where an easy to remember host name translates to a harder to remember numeric IP address. (google.com =, etc)

Instead of having to dial 555-123-4567 to reach me you would simply enter 'crutch' and press dial. There is no need to remember my number or punch it into your contacts.

Crutch, Oct 08 2009

Universal Identity http://web2.sys-con.com/?q=node/1074333
[Jinbish, Oct 08 2009]

Federated Identity http://en.wikipedia.../Federated_identity
[Jinbish, Oct 08 2009]

0118-999-881-999-119-7253 http://www.channel4...99-881-999-119-7253
[Dub, Oct 08 2009]

No more Phone Numbers, rather Phone "Words" No_20more_20Phone_2...Phone_20_22Words_22
Related [phoenix, Oct 08 2009]


       I can't think of any specific DNS-for-cellphone ideas, but the concepts are the kind of thing that crop up in all sorts of ubiquitous communication research. (I'm not saying this is widely known to exist though)   

       SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), which is used in standard** VoIP setups can be configured to federate identities so that different numbers of usernames can be identified with the same end-user or rather, one username can refer to different devices belonging to the same user. This veers a little off topic, but you get the drift of some of the ideas of trying get away from device-centric terms (phone number) to more user-centric ideas (trying to contact [Crutch], for example).   

       **(Skype has proprietary system)
Jinbish, Oct 08 2009


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