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Next generation cellphones to replace landlines
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A cell phone and docking cradle that you put your phone into when you get home that does the following: 1) charges the cellphone 2) connects the cellphone to an external antenna 3) has a very modest pbx function in the dock such that you can connect the dock to an existing phone jack so that all "landline" phones in the dwelling get their dialtone from the dock and calls are routed through the cell phone. 4) optional wireless/wired internet port on dock to route over 3g network.

What do you think?

mechno, Jun 08 2006

cell routing dock http://www.phonelabs.com/prd05.asp
[tcarson, Jun 08 2006]


       um, i've seen something like this. it doesn't use internet as far as i know, but why would you want to use the slow, expensive service for your phone, when you obviously have an existing internet connection?
tcarson, Jun 08 2006


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