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Cellophane Cellphone

The "Pay as you go" phone card is a disposable three-wall plastic part of the body of the cellphone.
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The value of the card is automatically read by the cell upon snapping the thin plastic form into place.
mensmaximus, Dec 09 2004


       That's a better idea than the little pay- as-you-go cards. How about one that's built into something like an SD/MMC card, or a SIM card that's easy to access somewhere on the phone?
fuscob, Dec 10 2004

       [fuscob] activated their user account on Dec 09 2004, annotated on this and one other idea on that day, and then was never heard from again.   

       This is the third in a series of annotations attempting to repurpose extant ideas as recruiting tools. Does anybody know where we can reach [fuscob] at ? What is his/her Cellophane Cellphone number ?   

       We need more active halfbakers.
normzone, Sep 13 2017

       Is that more [active halfbakers] or [more active] halfbakers? I was going to post something, but I don't think the world is yet ready for my electric snail computer.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 13 2017

       In that, you are entirely corrrect.
8th of 7, Sep 13 2017


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