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Cellphone remote boot

Turn your computer on remotely from a mobile phone
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These days, thanks to the internet, a computer can be made to do absolutely anything remotely. Anything, that is, except turn itself on. My idea is a device that can turn on a computer when it receives a signal through the standard mobile phone network around the world. It would have to be easy to install, and compatible with any type of computer, for example if a USB interface was used.
iMacThere4iAm, Jan 31 2007

Remote power on. http://dataprobe.co...wer/ppal/index.html
Pretty common in servers. [Galbinus_Caeli, Jan 31 2007]

Ring World Ring_20World
[theircompetitor, Feb 01 2007]


       This is such a good idea, I think I'll make one.   

       I know connecting a USB device wakes my computer from sleep, so I'll work from there. Wake from sleep will be enough since I never shut it down anyway.
iMacThere4iAm, Jan 31 2007

       Many phones have http or web browsing. You could make a web-based app to trigger a wake-on-LAN.
Jinbish, Jan 31 2007

       Ok, [IT], if we're going going down that route then we may as well construct the computer's power switch also in the shape of a robotic hand, with outstrecthed finger. Then we have a PC power on processs a la Da Vinci.
Jinbish, Feb 01 2007

       And then? Big whoop, so you remotely turned on your computer.
shinobi, Feb 01 2007

       Hmm [Jinbish] - you could post that as a separate idea. LdV switches for everything - lightswitches, your microwave, the TV, etc. Ideally they'd generate a small amount of static so a spark would go between your finger and the LdV switch as you turn it on. In fact, this loss of static charge should be the trigger to activate the switch.
hippo, Feb 01 2007

       The LdV effect would be a good way to turn off appliances for good.
Ling, Feb 01 2007

       My ex gf dad just made a huge deal with txu energy and I think att. But anyway it basically does all this. You can control your house from anywhere...using little wireless remotes from your outlet that send signals to your appliances that have a adapter plugged into it. Enabling it to be controlled via wireless by you or whoever is controlling it. You will be able to monitor your fridge's energy output turn on lights view cameras and do almost anything as if you were there in the house. Except eat a sandwich. Plus it eliminates the meter readers job. Because now your energy readings will be able to be read on your pc or the energy company will have a live feed of your energy readings on their pc.
OriDea, Feb 03 2007


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