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intro video sequence at bootup
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a somewhat 20 or 30 seconds clip that begins playing as soon as framebuffer video is available. when the sequence ends, the login screen appears.
erlehmann, Jan 11 2008

[+] If I can have this at boot-up http://www.thedukes...ideo/The%20Dawn.wmv
[Klaatu, Jun 20 2008]


       You remind me somewhat of a BIOS i heard about a couple of years ago which contained an embedded Linux and allowed DVDs and multimedia to be played without booting into the operating system on the hard drive.
nineteenthly, Jan 11 2008

       What would this be a clip of?
BJS, Jan 11 2008

       Why? I hate having to sit through endless animated logos, corporate dingalings and pointless 'splash' images when booting things up - why can't they just get on with it?
zen_tom, Jan 11 2008

       clip choice would be totally up to you.
erlehmann, Jan 11 2008

       //why can't they just get on with it?//   

       Those corporate logos are a friendly shrinkwrapped alternative to an impossibly fast blur of white text against a plain black background, or worse, reduced performance with no indication that the computer is processing information.   

       + for the idea, I envision people editing montages of their kids at christmas to bring a smile to their face at the start of the day.
Condiment, Jan 11 2008

       I had thought of something more like a personalized series opening.
erlehmann, Jun 20 2008

       I'm trying to think of anything, er, in the entire world which I'd want to watch every time I booted up.   

       To be honest, I can't think of anything.   

       I even get annoyed at the 6 '2 second' videos that play before you get to a modern computer game's menu ...   

       (Bink video, Nvidia, 'Hawk games' splash logo thing, 'EA' logo, Game Copyright notice screen, actual game trailer thing, Loading splash screen, choose profile screen, THEN main menu being the worst ever! Took ages :(
britboy, Jun 20 2008

       + Great idea. How about once you login and connect to the internet, it automatically downloads a new video from youtube for you to watch during the next boot-up, based on your pre-set preferences. That way each time you turn on your computer you can watch new 2 girls 1 cup reaction videos, or videos of people getting kicked in the groin. Or whatever you like.
darren-b, Jun 25 2008

       2 girls 1 cup: why did i have to seek that out? time heals all they say...
TIB, Jun 25 2008

       The obvious use for this would be to create a video of Hollywood computer startup effects.
Bukkakinator, Jun 25 2008


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