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Cellphone warning Microphone

So you don't get that awful sound in your recordings
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In my career so far as a college radio journalist I have had cellphones cause interference with my microphone while doing an interview. When listening back later to the recording it sounds like a slightly more annoying form of morse code and often ruins valuable segments of audio. Since while I am recording I am oblivious to what the cellphone is doing I now turn mine off but cannot know if other people have theirs on. If a microphone had a small reciever and when it picked up the interference a small LED light would go on it would at least let me know of the interference, albeit not let me prevent it.
MrDaliLlama, Oct 14 2004

A few cell detectors. http://www.globalga...phone-detectors.htm
Alas, none integrated into a Neumann or Superlux. [bristolz, Oct 14 2004]


       Why not just use a pair of headphones while you're recording? After all, many other factors effect your recording, such as background noise, mic position, wind direction, and even fluroescent lighting.   

       The only way to be sure you're getting something broadcastable is to listen to it while you're recording.
Fishrat, Oct 14 2004

       I think a large sign on the door, "Please switch off your mobile phone" would be more effective but I'm sure this wouldn't be too hard to bake, it'd be handy for nabing people in the cinema who leave theirs on as well.
Cubical_View, Oct 14 2004


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