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Menslie Speaker Microphone

Four dissimilarly rotating microphone capsules emulate the Leslie sound effect through four speakers
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Two VCR two-inch diameter heads are drilled out to hold two electret microphone capsules each. The capsules are at 180 degrees to each other and are slightly imbedded in the circumference, facing outward. The microphones are connected to pre-amps and drive LEDs.

The one VCR head/two microphone capsules/motor is mounted upside down above the other one with a one inch gap in between. The LEDs shine on photodiode sound pick-ups in this gap. The dual VCR assembly is surrounded by a three inch diameter metal screen.

The Leslie effect is done by changing the speeds of the two VCR heads independently and sending the bottom mics signals through bass/mid-range speakers and the top signals through midrange/tweeters. Additional effects can be achieved with small mirrors and additional photodiodes/LEDS mounted in the one inch pick-up area.

A prototype is 75% completed and collects dust best at the moment. It could be mounted on an optional helmet.

mensmaximus, Jan 07 2005

(?) Leslie speaker demo http://archive.keyb.../leslie/index.shtml
variable speed amplitude modulation with doppler [csea, Jan 07 2005]


       What does the Leslie sound effect sound like?
zen_tom, Jan 07 2005

       See [link]
csea, Jan 07 2005

       Ah yes, thanks for the link - It kind of sounds like a funeral-parlour, or TV Evangelist style organ.
zen_tom, Jan 07 2005


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