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Cellular Phone Base Station

Device to amplify cell phone signals in weak areas at home
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What I mean is that the area where I live has a dearth of cell towers, and when using the cell phone in my house the signals are very weak. I propose that this can be remedied by me being able to amplify signals to the point where the signal was strong enough to keep dropouts from happening. With the higher wattage radio waves being emitted on the roof far from my precious brain cells. Where I am employed we already use this for two-way radio communication. Or is this baked already? I guess what I meant to say a repeater station. Sorry for the confusion
MEHOOELSE, Nov 30 2004

Very close to this idea by [supercat] http://www.halfbake...0cell-phone_20relay
[krelnik, Nov 30 2004]

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[krelnik, Nov 30 2004]


       Actual base stations are often set up in areas of interrupted coverage (like a high street with many buildings) but I'm not sure about the issues of placing one on a house.   

       Interference with neighbouring stations may be a limiting factor to this idea. If every corner of every house was provisioned for by another emitter then there would be a great deal of cell overlap. This has ramifications for frequency re-use and quality of service.   

       There is also the bureaucracy of have a licence to transmit in particular frequency bands.   

       A more accurate idea is to have a device based on an antenna. I guess this is what you really mean. Maybe have a device that receives the GSM transmission and then emits a WiFi signal to your phone/device. Obviously the phone would need to be compatible and there are some security issues with WiFi.
Jinbish, Nov 30 2004

       Seems awful close to supercat's idea....see links.
krelnik, Nov 30 2004

       Similar to my idea, but I think a little different. In particular, my idea is intended to be a simple portable device which can be set up when and where needed by and for a particular cell subscriber, whereas this seems like it's designed to be a more permanent installation. Actually, I wouldn't mind having one of these near my apartment wince my mobile reception in here is pretty crummy.
supercat, Dec 01 2004


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