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Cop in Cage

RF blockers , Faraday's cage
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RF blockers and Restricted public areas are getting people's vote in hate against compulsive and loud cell phone users. Force Field Wireless has come out with a RF shileding paint, which when applied to all the walls of a room blocks RF signals from coming in and going out. All the signals generated from within the room, keep reflecting off the paint. Although they are trying to market this has a security product , what about it being used against.. for example cops who are becoming more and more dependent on their radios to wirelessly convey information/video of a possible crime site.

The transmitter on the cop's radio could be prgrammed to detect such a cage. If it ever lost service[ which is usually very rare with cop's radios] , it would transmit this special frequency signal and because of the reflective nature of the signal in the room , get multiple copies of it almost immediately.

halfbloke, Apr 08 2005


       I like it. Combine it with an ability in the police radio to do periodic "i'm alive" data transmissions to the home antenna, then dispatch would immediately know if an officer is out of contact for some reason.
krelnik, Apr 08 2005

       In the Netherlands it is illegal to do this. Movie theaters, bars and restaurants want to but are not allowed. The reason being: what if a doctor got a really important call?
zeno, Apr 10 2005


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