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Center the Cursor

Button on the standard mouse that, when pressed, centers the cursor on the monitor.
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This makes finding the cursor easier, and speeds up navigation once you get comfortable with the new function.
daseva, Jul 22 2005

This has cursor centering plus lots of other stuff... http://users.pandor...Money/timekeys.html
But it's not on the mouse. [ldischler, Jul 22 2005]

Concave Co. Concave_20Co_2e
the physical solution [FarmerJohn, Jul 23 2005]


       Damn good idea. The only thing better would be a button to send the cursor exactly where it needed to be.
ldischler, Jul 22 2005

       What if you have two monitors?
bristolz, Jul 22 2005

       Just default to the monitor the cursor is already on.
daseva, Jul 22 2005

       I saw a tool built into Windows that supposedly sent the cursor exactly where it needed to be - to the 'OK' or 'YES' button in every dialogue. I managed to live with it for, say, 30 seconds. If you always want to cancel something (one of those boxes Windows sends you that asks if you want to delete everything and reappears when you say no) if gets [insert expletive here] annoying.
dbmag9, Jul 22 2005

       Windows does that concentric circle thing around the pointer when you press CTRL (if you have it enabled). Not good enough for ya huh?
waugsqueke, Jul 22 2005

       [dbmag9] I use that function. I don't know if it works with all software, but with the one I use, TAB advances the selected button to the next one in line so if it is on 'YES' and you want 'NO' you can just hit TAB and then enter (or the space bar in the software I use).
Zimmy, Jul 22 2005

       Pah! Tab is overused, but I will give it a try. This idea would do better that any of them.   

       In response to [waug], I had that, but I also use StickyKeys, which mean you have to press CTRL thrice to get the target mark around the cursor, by which time you could have just moved the cursor.
dbmag9, Jul 23 2005


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