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Cursor Kebabs

collect fragments of text and images and grill them
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Convert your cursor into a Kebab skewer with this little piece of software. Once activated the conventional cursor becomes an elongated skewer that can be used to stab, then collect anything that appears on your computer screen.

Hold down the shift key and the skewer converts to an ornate knife to cut around items, and separate them from their main bodies or backgrounds. (similar to Photoshop lassoo) Release the shift key, and skewer them!

In a short space of time the shaft of the skewer will accumulate a variety of material that you can either file away on a little trophy rack, or you might turn on the "griddle option" and fry the whole lot into burnt and blackened lumps.

xenzag, Jun 17 2009


       ...or just use vi without a manual
loonquawl, Jun 17 2009

       You mean there's a manual??
pertinax, Jun 17 2009

       This new "kebab shop" metaphor for human-computer interaction makes the traditional "desktop" metaphor look so 1980's.
hippo, Jun 17 2009

       Part refined screenshot, part culinary apparatus. I've been looking for one of those.
swimswim, Jun 17 2009

       drag and drop into pitta bread.
po, Jun 17 2009

       This would be fun. If unselected by ornate shears, the program could just select the thinger that was objectish near the cursor. Skewer, shears, griddle, mallet, bicycle pump, TNT, lightning bolt (to animate). Chasing down the animated ones with the mallet would be a fun game in itself.
bungston, Jun 17 2009

       where's your kebab shop?
po, Jun 17 2009

       You could use it as a 'multi-source' copy-n-paste; ie. I want to copy this bit of text, this image, and that bit of text, and paste them all at once into a new document (copy, copy, copy, paste; rather than copy, paste, copy, paste, copy, paste).
neutrinos_shadow, Jun 17 2009


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