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Centipede Cycle

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I found two hits for what I'm thinking about but neither are quite right.

Take an ordinary bicycle and extend the front and rear forks so that you have the space for four tires in line.
Now instead of tires you have four semicircular quarters of a wheel which look like feet.
As long as each next quarter section touches ground as the previous one is lifting the ride will be the same as your conventional cycle but look as though your bike is walking around on eight legs.

I will call it Sleipnir and it shall be my Sleipnir...

Prior art from here. Insect_20Leg_20Bicycle_20(Foldable)
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 15 2022]

Prior art from out there. https://www.youtube...watch?v=PX3A7GLtFqM
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 15 2022]

Version 2 - or does this make 4? 5? https://www.youtube...watch?v=Gc9iwBxPI_I
[a1, Oct 16 2022]

Now with more feet! https://www.youtube...watch?v=ZtmZLBGzeCs
[a1, Oct 16 2022]

"Where we're going Marty we don't need crankshafts." https://www.youtube...watch?v=YKAxKrxFys8
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 16 2022]


       I think it will generally run just fine on a level surface but has a chance of biting into curbs, twigs or other small discontinuities.   

       Also good luck pulling a wheelie.
Loris, Oct 15 2022

       [-] Four in front, four in back, kinda short for a “centipede.” And as split wheels been done, not very original.
a1, Oct 16 2022

Nothing about steering?

       It should work fine over curbs and such, maybe a few jolts.   

       //as split wheels been done, not very original.//   

       Original to me at the time...   

       // at the time //   

       Was that before or after you came across the links showing it had already been done?
a1, Oct 16 2022

       Not that it matters but the concept is just an extension of my Woibles posting.   

       The hb version I commented on years before that.   

       Not to be an asshole, but who appointed you to be concept Nazi?   

       No wheelies.   

       //concept Nazi?//   

       By tradition, that noble role is assigned by connecting a Round Robin to Buggins' Turn with a worm gear.
pertinax, Oct 16 2022

       A vigorous crank is then applied.
pertinax, Oct 16 2022


       I've figured out how to enable wheelies.
There's like cables and springs and pulleys and such but... it can wheelie now in my head.

       Probably the only place it can wheelie...
...but wheelie it does.

       // concept nazi //   

       Not really. When you post something you saw online and say “I want to make one of those with more wheels” it lacks originality. “Make them look like feet” is nice touch, I guess - but that’s been done too (link).
a1, Oct 16 2022

       Well there you go, I didn't even come across either of those in my search.   

       Besides, I can't have only original thoughts or the Spanish Inquisitors will come and get me.   

       Perhaps two of these bicycles side-by-side, for a total of 8 semi-circular "legs" more resembling a horse body-plan? A crankshaft would be required.
sninctown, Oct 16 2022

       Yes, the design I proposed would not be able to steer at all.   

       Heh. Crankshafts? We don need no steenkin crankshafts.

       //Yes, the design I proposed would not be able to steer at all. //   

       Since all the half-wheels are inline can't you just... lean a little bit to one side?
Maybe not enormously novice-friendly.
Loris, Oct 16 2022

       I don't think so. When I run the scenario of actually riding it in my head, either trying to use the handlebars to actually turn each front-tire segment flips me off in the opposite direction or I lean and it continues to track in a straight line and I tip over because the front tire has been stretched out by four times it's intended contact point and handles more like a tank tread.   

       In [a1]'s second link you can see what happens even just trying to double the front wheels' footprint.   

       You just tip.   

       Woops. 1st [link] 5:00 mark. (in my own defence it was tagged Version 2 and I dyslexically logged it as such)   


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