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Spider safety

Bike safety robotic spider leg pair
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On the sides of the back wheel, attached to a back rack, are two robotic "spider legs".

When the bike tilts too much, one of the legs extends out and steps down, saving you from losing your balance.

If you press the brakes {strikeout: breaks, thank:[Voice]}, it stops you as well, if not, it just brings you back to balance, while stepping forward at the speed of the ride.

The leg has a floor contact sensor and a pair of cameras for robotic 3D sight.

This will allow my 87-year-old father to safely ride has bicycle again.

The same legs, this time connected to the body could work as a fall breaker for walking. Falling is a famous problem with the elderly.

pashute, Sep 07 2023

Leg Up Landing Gear https://landingear.com/
For motorcycles... [a1, Sep 07 2023]

Bicycle training aid with dynamically deployable balancing features https://patents.goo...tent/US7556277B2/en
[a1, Sep 07 2023]

Multi-Pulse Solid Rocket Motor Technology https://arc.aiaa.or...10.2514/6.2020-3930
[Voice, Sep 08 2023]


       Body mounted airbags would work better than spider legs
pocmloc, Sep 07 2023

       //This will allow my 87-year-old father to safely ride has bicycle again.// A tandem would facilitate him riding again with no need for any spider legs.
xenzag, Sep 07 2023

       See link for "LegUp Landing Gear." Not sure if anything similar exists for bicycles, I'll let you know if I find anything.
a1, Sep 07 2023

       Found a patent for dynamic deployed training wheels, which might help your father. Although it might be simpler just to get him on an adult-tricycle instead of a bike.
a1, Sep 07 2023

       You need the legs to deploy instantly the danger is detected. Electrically powered sounds to slow and laggy. What we need is a mercury tilt switch wired to a belt-fed cartridge powered deployer.
pocmloc, Sep 08 2023

Voice, Sep 08 2023

       If you're using gas-powered deployment you may as well make it simpler and use a pair of rockets, one on each side. That will also make it much more controllable, since you generally know how much thrust you have but you have no idea how far a leg has to extend before it will support you.
Voice, Sep 08 2023

       A1 wow!! [+ on your AiroNoodle]. Question, you never have fishbones or do you simply agree with everyone that it was probably a bad idea and erase it?   

       Voice thanks. Corrected. [+ on your A book I can read that tells me what to do]. Question, why the fishbones?
pashute, Sep 11 2023

       [pashute], About 45.283% of my extant ideas have bones, and I won’t delete any because of downvotes. But sometimes I’ll delete one that I changed my mind about, or if it has drawn no interesting comments.
a1, Sep 11 2023

       Please don't bun my ideas for any reason except that you like the idea.
Voice, Sep 11 2023


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