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Centralized Food-from-a-Tube Distribution.

All the freedom of a buffet but no getting up.
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All the food/beverage/condiments at the restaurant are self-served from a series of overhead tubes with faucets placed at each table. Volume meters on each faucet would indicate the amount of food you are charged for. Floor drains and prodigious use of ABS plastic furnishings ensure that the inevitable messes can be cleaned quickly and easily. Foods would, of course, be limited to those that could be easily pumped through hydraulics under air pressure.
phazed, Mar 24 2002


       Dear GOD! I hate that show. Still, there is something to be said for the expedience of it.
phazed, Mar 25 2002

       Chinese food is already distributed like this -- it's the reason why it all tastes the same. There are two central facilities in the Midwest (one for Cantonese, and one for Szechuan) which pipe it through tubes all throughout the nation. Apparently egg rolls can build up enough speed to break the sound barrier. (source: "How Things Really Work" by Beard and Barrett)
cpt kangarooski, Mar 25 2002

       If egg rolls can go that fast, then what's the power plant? If we optimize it, we may have the making of a new space-drive system. Egg-roll power.
'Johnny, don't put your mouth on the nozzle.'
RayfordSteele, Mar 25 2002

       Ummm... have you seen "Meet the Hollowheads"?   

       I had this idea before, about 10 years ago. Having a coffee spigot built in at the table, that might be nice, but I actually like having a waitress most of the time. But I just saw "Meet the Hollowheads" for the first time, and now I find this rather disturbing... especially now that there are products ranging from yogurt to scrambled eggs in push-up tubes being marketed to kids.. turning our children into tube-sucking meatbags...
Mycopheles, Jan 03 2005


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