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Booth scootcher

Conveyor seating helps you get in and out of restaurant booth seats.
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Restaurant booth seats are often an unpleasant experience, especially the half-circle or 3/4 circle ones with essentially one entrance point. Everyone has to 'scootch' in and back out again, doing that sideways crouching hop to get situated.

Things would be greatly improved by the use of a seat pad constructed as a conveyor belt, controlled by a set of < and > directional buttons on the table, or perhaps a set of foot pedals. No more 'scootching' - just sit in the first spot and > your way in.

One thing to keep in mind when using this - when several are seating themselves, the first seater has to 'scootch' in only one seating position before the second seater sits, otherwise the first seater will be scootched off the other side of the belt before all are seated.

"And no playing with the buttons while people are eating, kids..."

waugsqueke, Aug 29 2003


       Ten little Indians sitting in the booth.
The littlest one said "Ma, I gotta pee, s'truth"


       Scootch over. Scootch over.


       So they all scootched over and one fell out.
Now there’s nine in the booth.
The first one's got a loose tooth.




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