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Beard Bib

Have beard, will dribble
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Soup in your beard?
No more!
thumbwax, Dec 12 2002

One importer of ice cream to the US http://www.daduicecream.com/aboutus.asp
01 Sep 03 | I can't find anything that says foreign ice cream is illegal to import to the US. [bristolz, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Havent you ever heard the term flavor saver? People have beards so they can save their food for later.
Gulherme, Dec 12 2002

       Yeah, I know - I've had one for years now - but man, chocolate syrup (on black cherry ice cream) is sticky.
thumbwax, Dec 12 2002

       do you stick it on with velcro?
po, Dec 12 2002

       No, with chocolate syrup and black cherry ice cream.
angel, Dec 12 2002

       <thumbwax> If I make it will you wear it?
Gulherme, Dec 12 2002

       What, soup or ice cream? The soup'd be cold, and ice cream is illegal to import into the US.
thumbwax, Dec 12 2002

       May as well be, since according to "fair trade" restrictions, each American citizen consumes the equivalent of only one teaspoon of foreign ice cream per year.
thumbwax, Dec 12 2002

       <mr wax> the beard bib, I would be more than happy to make you one if you would wear it to resterants and family dinners or even at your local icecream parlor. I invision somthing like a sergical mask that sits lower protecting the area below the mouth and the areas above and to the side leaving only a small hole in wich to insert food through. Would you like a lovely floral pattern?
Gulherme, Dec 12 2002

       Consumption: 22.5 L per Capita, 2nd behind New Zealand at 26.3 L per Capita.
US Total produced is: 61.3 M hL
and now for the imperialist pig scale:
Total U.S. production of ice cream and related frozen desserts in 2000 amounted to more than 1.6 billion gallons.
Total U.S. exports of frozen desserts reached more than 40 million gallons in 2000
In 2000, 8.6% of the milk produced in the U.S. was used to make in frozen dairy products.
Gulherme, I'm skerred.
thumbwax, Dec 12 2002

       If you think that chocolate syrup is a problem, thumb', just wait 'til you try a cream, apple turnover.
DrBob, Dec 12 2002

       Can it be fire proof as well? I've burned off more than my share of beard hair while drunk and smoking cigarettes.
notme, Dec 12 2002

       [notme], check [blissmiss]' link. "Flame retardant".
half, Dec 12 2002

       Idea is not a full cover/wrap for a beard - more like a tiny lobster bib
thumbwax, Dec 12 2002

       For the goatee, a G-string?
FarmerJohn, Dec 13 2002

       And for the elegant dinner one which is colour coordinated and complete with frilly bits.
talen, Dec 13 2002

       This is starting to sound like the old Mystery Science Theater "chinderwear" bit.
Pharaoh Mobius, Dec 13 2002

       I hate food in my beard, but I find this idea aesthetically vile. I'd rather keep practicing neat eating and proudly display my hirsute face bib.
Elvisatehere, Sep 01 2003

       bris, per link - the first anno I made in jest - the others clarify the point about US ice-cream imports.
thumbwax, Sep 01 2003


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