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Centrifugal Russiandoll Pancake loaf maker

This is the device used to make pancake loafs
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The pancake loaf is made by using spinning 3 dimensional pans, these pans are boxshaped with a teflon inner coating, the pancake mix is poured into the pans wich are spun at high velocity inside a specially designed oven. So that the pancakes bond together into a loaf the core pancake must first be inserted into the next largest 3d spinning pancake pan russian doll style, this must be done at exactly the right time when the mixture is cooked on the side touching the pan but still gooey on the outside, this will form a bond. This russian doll style bonding process will continute untill the largest outter pancake is bonded to all the middle ones in the shape of a loaf.

At this point the pancake loaf is packaged and sealed in a bag. A person may take the loaf home and cut a slice off, the will find that the pancake is only half cooked because only the sides touching the pan got cooked and because of the extremely high tempreture of the oven, there is a layer of pancake mixture sandwiched between each cooked layer, after slicing a peice off it has enough structure to lift and put down on a pan to cook the remainder and properly fuse the layers together into a single pancake.

Serve with maple syrup and icecream or lemon juice and sugar.

Gulherme, Feb 11 2003

The Pancake Parlour http://www.pancakeparlour.com/
Seems kinda relevant. Maybe you should pitch this idea to them. [RoboBust, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       And all to allow you to slice off variable-thickness slices. Can't you just cook them yourself, or try and buy thick or thin ones? Or do you just want to chow the whole block, you greedy guts. Hmm, now you're talking...
sild, Feb 11 2003

       Counldn't you get this machine to put cherries in sauce, or chocolate, or lemon in between each of the layers ?
8th of 7, Feb 11 2003

       Well... not sure how it would taste, but that's definitely half-baked.
lurch, Feb 11 2003

       so this thing would would produce a square pancake loaf? Couldn't they also be cylindrical pans? Or is the square quality part of the novelty?   

       hey, here's another idea. how about a long, non-stick conveyor belt style gridle? the hot belt would cook the batter on one side, and then a sort of a curved spatula could come down and cut, scrape off the gridle, and role the "loaf" up. then it could be sent on through a cooler, and then packaged.   

       this would give you a spiral pancake, sort of like a jelly role.
-wess, Feb 11 2003

       Lemon juice and sugar on pancakes: strange.
Pericles, Feb 11 2003

       Anything can be put between the layers. When I think of a loaf I think of somthing square, thats why I decided on a square shape it would be much easier to make a round pancake loaf.
Gulherme, Feb 12 2003

       Well this invention couldn't be more timely
Gulherme, Feb 12 2003

       Heh, well you seemed to have done it, I will now award your original pancake loaf idea with a croissant. Maybe they should be round pancake loaves though, so as to give the illusion you are still eating a normal ol' pancake (even if it happens to be 10cm thick).   

       No Pericles, lemon juice and sugar on pancakes is lovely, I assure you. If you think that's strange, you should check out The Pancake Parlour [link], one of my favourite restaurants.   

       Oh, and I don't know if you're joking or not [bobofthefuture], but apparently March 4th is international pancake day. First I've heard of it.
RoboBust, Feb 13 2003

       March 4th is Shrove Tuesday. Chance to use up all your eggs and lard prior to the start of Lent. Also known as Pancake Day in the UK. Many towns and villages have pancake races, run carrying a frying pan and flipping a pancake.
oneoffdave, Feb 13 2003

       I give this a vote just for sheer, unblemished creativity, but you need to start drinking decaf.
emlyn, May 29 2003


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