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Pancake loaf

like a loaf of bread
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It comes sliced or unsliced for people who like their pancakes of various thicknesses.
Gulherme, Feb 11 2003


       You only cook a slice of pancake at a time, and they are pre cooked anyway so you just need to warm them in the microwave or the toaster or somthing.
Gulherme, Feb 11 2003

       uncooked pancake is a fluid. well, what I call a pancake anyway.
po, Feb 11 2003

       see above anno.
Gulherme, Feb 11 2003

       I don't think you fully grasp the pancake making process, try putting some pancake mixture into a bread maker to see what happens. Good idea though, if you can figure out a way to make a loaf while still keeping an authentic pancake taste and texture.
RoboBust, Feb 11 2003

       Well I thought it would be obvious, But In order to make a pancake loaf I guess one needs a pancake loaf maker wich is what I shal half bake next. Pancake loaves for all!
Gulherme, Feb 11 2003

       Pillsbury makes quite a variety of refrigerated or frozen "loafed" biscuit or dinner roll products. As a resourceful bachelor, I have, on at least one occasion when I got unexpectedly "lucky", resorted to slicing a package of Pillsbury Grands Biscuits rather thinly, cooking the slices in a lightly buttered frying pan, and serving them in short stacks with a butter ball garnish and apricot syrup. A side of bacon, strong coffee and a nice glass of fresh squeezed orange juice from the tree in my garden, satisfactorily completed the illusion of silver dollar pancakes made from scratch. I would not recommend this product or practice for regular family gatherings, but it's a worthwhile bachelor trick to keep in one's kit bag.
jurist, Feb 11 2003

       That would be handy, jurist, if pancakes were actually difficult to make otherwise.   

       Gulherme, is this just a bunch of pancakes stuck together? I don't understand.
waugsqueke, Feb 11 2003

       A real bachelor would have understood, Waugs, that real pancakes are quite difficult to make without the benefit of fresh milk. Fresh milk rarely resides in my refrigerator unless you give me prior notice of your dietary needs or culinary aims.
jurist, Feb 11 2003

       It sounds like you need a cow under that orange juice tree.
FarmerJohn, Feb 11 2003

       I had to put Elsie out to pasture because she kept kicking the Vodka still.
jurist, Feb 11 2003

       "You can lead a cow to vodka, but ......"   

       Hmmmm, no, something wrong there ..... can't quite put my finger on it though.
8th of 7, Feb 11 2003

       Good way out when you have unexpected guests over for dinner (well, at least in mexico dinner is a light meal). You can always make the slices thin enough so you have food for everyone.
Pericles, Feb 11 2003

       Gulherme, could this potentially be kept in the frozen food aisle? Picture this: when you slice off a pancake it will liquefy (sort of) when it hits the hot pan and form that traditional smooth pancake appearance and texture. Without the flat surface your pancake becomes just slice of cooked dough. Boy, that sound appetizing - NOT! (Have you never heard the expression "flat as a pancake"?) I can't give either pastry or fishbone yet. I'm going to have to wait and see what develops.
Canuck, Feb 12 2003

       How would it cook evenly all the way through? I think you need to think this out more.
Keleigh, May 09 2003

       they did, see the "Centrifugal Russiandoll Pancake loaf maker" idea on this list.
-wess, May 09 2003

       mmmmmm russian doll pancakes.
Worldgineer, May 09 2003


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