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Chain Key

Dispence with the keyring
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A key designed to clip together with other keys, in the manner of lego bricks. You'd never need a key ring again.
dare99, Oct 03 2002

Connecting Coins http://www.halfbake.../Connecting_20Coins
Integrate the two and your pockets will never jangle again. Unless you fill them will bells. [calum, Oct 04 2002]


       I like the idea of not having a keyring anymore, but would interlocking keys be difficult to use in a lock?
baron555, Oct 03 2002

       What if the key you needed was in the middle? Major nuisance. Are key-rings really that bad anyway? I like keyrings. Yes, I do.
sild, Oct 03 2002

       You just snap your block of keys at the right point and use your keys. Keyrings are just surplus weight.   

       (Except for the ones that look like tiny etch-a-scetchs. Those are cool)
dare99, Oct 03 2002

       Wouldn't you need to perform 2 snaps? And how much does a ring weigh? A couple of g if it's just the ring and doesn't have a novelty shoe horn attached.
sild, Oct 03 2002

       May be just a couple of g's to you, but scale it up to global proportions. That metal could go into making dialysis machines for orphans!
dare99, Oct 03 2002

       You're right, we shoudl all sell our homes so that the orphans have places to stay, and dialysis machines to fight over!
[ sctld ], Oct 03 2002

       Keyrings are a little extra mass in your pocket, but at least they're secure. I wouldn't place much faith in a snap mechanism to keep my keys intact. Besides, if you add the hardware necessary to make them snap-able, wouldn't that add mass, too? The more keys you have, the more mass. On the other hand, one little keyring can secure many keys with the same amount of mass.
XSarenkaX, Oct 03 2002

       // dialysis machines // Why have keys at all?? They're a waste of metal and resources. Make retinal scanners, the ulitimate "keyless entry"!!
squatch, Oct 04 2002

       Or kidney scanners to tie in with the dialysis machines.
dare99, Oct 04 2002

       //retinal scanners//   

       You are aware, aren't you, that a retinal pattern doesn't begin to deteriorate for several hours after removal of the eye. I, for one, don't like the idea that a car thief will do serious damage to me in order to take my car (taking it to the extreme).
CrumbsDM, Oct 04 2002

       OK how about a swiss army knife style key ring where they pull out conveniently?
aphidman, Oct 04 2002

       No key rings ?!!?!? Where do I attach my tiny digital camera, and my super-bright LED torch? Not to mention my portable mass spectrometer for analysing UFO wreckage.
shameless_self_reference, Oct 04 2002


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