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Chainosaurus Rex

King of the chainsaws - one that eats logs and can't kick back
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Chainsaws are dangerous (you didn't know that). Amongst other things, they can "kickback". As I understand it, this is what happens when the blade gets stuck, causing the saw to be flung back onto the operator. Chainosaurus Rex solves this problem.

Chainosaurus Rex does this because it has two, almost touching, parallel blades which turn in opposite directions.

xenzag, Aug 07 2007

anti-kickback nose guard http://www.homedepo...-bd54cb0a5187_4.jpg
[nuclear hobo, Aug 08 2007]


       ...so, depending on which blade gets stuck it will get thrown at you or away from you? You've increased the unpredictability of the chainsaw by increasing its cost, weight, and energy consumption.
hippo, Aug 07 2007

       Much better would be to have some kind of hydrolic shock absorber connected to an arm that led to a metal armour plate in front of your shoulder and chest. In the event of a kick back the chainsaw rears back towards you but the shock absorber slows it and, in case of a particularly violent kick, the metal plate protects your limbs.
theleopard, Aug 07 2007

       Oh dear - "always with the negative vibes" (Donald Southerland - Kelly's Heroes) - it can't ever get stuck due to the combined shredding action of the two opposing blades. As for weight, power etc - practicalities have never been a big priority for me, but one motor will do all - and twice as quick, so it probably saves energy. Thinner blades, that don't have to be as strong because they can't get stuck, will bring the weigh down to "normal" - and of course it's guaranteed never to cost an arm and a leg.
xenzag, Aug 07 2007

       I ddon't know, it sounds like it might work. Definitely worth some research.
DrCurry, Aug 07 2007

       Chain brakes are pretty much standard now, kickback occurs when the nose hits and grabs -chain going one way propells the bar that it runs on in the other- it is nasty to experience even with the brake - and this idea would eliminate it, so top work! May have some issues with chains coming together -or jamming if you ran them too far apart. Might make it hard to get out if jammed while felling - wider kerf would be harder to wedge, but still good idea.
the dog's breakfast, Aug 07 2007

       //it can't ever get stuck due to the combined shredding action of the two opposing blades//   

       Famous last words ...
nuclear hobo, Aug 08 2007

       Consider the case of striking a nail exactly at right angles to the two sawchains. It lodges between the teeth of chain A and chain B, decelerating them to zero. Seems like this is a recipe for the spontaneous disassembly of your spensive new chainsaw.
BunsenHoneydew, Aug 10 2007


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