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The ultimate in portable chair technology
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A chair that you strap to your back, which consists of a flat piece of plastic that is strapped to, and is roughly the same size as your back, another flat piece of plastic that is strapped to, and is roughly the same size as your ass, and similarly proportioned pieces for your legs. The plastic pieces are hinged at the ass, and at the knees. The plastic below the knee is not strapped down, and there are other hinged pieces of plastic the same size as the below knee leg parts connected to the back-to-ass hinge. This has the effect that when you go to move into a sitting position, pieces of plastic stay at 90 degrees to the floor until they reach the floor, creating a chair that all you have to do to set up is sit down where you want it to be. Of course, something would be needed to stop the back piece from going too far back when in the sitting position. If it's too unstable, the legs could be made to be electronically stay at 90 degrees. Would create problems with lying down though.
quaero curvus, Aug 13 2005

A very similar idea. Wearable_20chair
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 13 2005]


       I ain't trusting the safety of my ass to "electronically" controlled anything. Other than that, good idea. +
reensure, Aug 13 2005

       I suppose it is true that the words "electric" and "chair" don't usually go very well together.
quaero curvus, Aug 13 2005

       It would be a very clumsy situation when you got into the car or had to use the toilet. That sounds like quite a bit of stuff you would have to unstrap in order to handle business. Plus lets say that you sat down and decided to stretch your legs or slouch in the chair... you would probably be laying on the floor for a very long time.
Jscotty, Aug 13 2005

       Well if you stretched your legs, the chair isn't strapped to the legs below the knees, so you could stick them out without anything happening. And as for slouching back, I very vaguely mentioned an electronic system of keeping the back bit upright when the seat bit is in a sitting position. As for strapping it on, I can think of only three straps needed, one strap around the stomach, and one on each thigh.
quaero curvus, Aug 13 2005

       You like picking holes in my ideas don't you? I suppose there are worse hobbies out there.
quaero curvus, Aug 14 2005

       If I can find a worse hobby that pays better, I'll take it up.
reensure, Aug 14 2005

       I wasn't picking holes, just suggesting an improvement, actually more suited to the other one linked above.   

       And no, I'm not picking on you any more than any other ideas, but you've got so many drifting around it's hard to keep out of their way.   

       Just trying to be helpful. Don't worry, I won't bother you anymore. So long.
oxen crossing, Aug 15 2005

       I apologise, [oxen]. I was still hyped up from making about 15 ideas in as many hours, and just got wound up when I saw your name criticising a few of them. No worries.
quaero curvus, Sep 10 2005

       i had considered a similar idea after several days of snowboarding recently. if there were little skis on the legs of the chair, you could safely make it to the bottom.
benfrost, Sep 11 2005


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