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Fishing Chair

Comfortable chair for fishing.
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Many people who enjoy to fish either do not have the money, or do not fish enough to justify a boat. These people end up walking up and down the banks of bodies of water, or if they are either lazy or there to relax, sitting on a rock, ground, lawn chair, etc.

The fishing chair would be designed with the inclined surface of a lake shore in mind, so that the user is not always sliding out of the chair.

Modeled after these new canvas and aluminum chairs that collapse, these chairs would be light and easy to carry. The difference would be that all four legs would be adjustable with same type adjustment found on most metal crutches. Each hole would be numbered so that adjustment would be fast and simple.

The user could set the chair up on the inclined surface, and then either extend the front legs, or if the user would prefer to sit lower, adjust the back legs until seat of chair is now level, despite the uneven ground.

Getting away from the heart of this post, but the chair could also include some type of fold-out platform, so that things (tacklebox, radio, lunch, etc) could be laid out on a flat surface as well.

This chair could also be useful at some outdoor concerts, sporting events where the lawn seating is sloped towards the stage.

rowdius, Mar 15 2003

FishingChair.com http://www.fishingchair.com/
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       I've seen angled, portable chairs before and had no trouble turning some up on Google. (links)
phoenix, Mar 15 2003

       I like the idea of fishing in a "Chub" brand bedchair. Munch, munch. Zzzzzz...
snarfyguy, Mar 15 2003

       Yeah. Make it a floating fishing chair and you might be onto something. (Along the lines of an ice fishing hut, without the hut: unsinkable donut platform, line goes through hole in middle.)
DrCurry, Mar 15 2003

       fishing chair: a chair a 'baker sits on while 'baking.
thumbwax, Mar 15 2003

       yeah, I even had to vote against my own idea... seems I have just reinvented the wheel. :-( I guess I should have done a wee bit more research. My excuse is going to be that I have not seen any of these chairs in the states. :-) ... And I thought I had a novel idea... but thanks for the links to the chair sites..
rowdius, Mar 16 2003


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