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Chair Bells

To make chair pull out time more bearable
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You know when you are having a quiet conversation in your favorite cafe and suddenly someone next to you decides to pull or push their chair out and there is an awful noise caused by the metal tips of the chair legs vibrating against the concrete of the floor and resonating in the structure of the chair? You won't come down for a couple of hours, every nerve ending in your body, standing at attention.

With chair bell, each leg has a hollow end, inside of which a tuning fork is positioned so that the tips of the tuning fork will vibrate resonantly against the specially surfaced floor like a cello bow runs across a horse hair string and then ring.

Maybe the whole structure of the chair is a resonant cavity filled with viola de amore-like resonant strings.

No more conversation interruption.

JesusHChrist, Dec 01 2015

Like this? https://s-media-cac...015703f3097461f.jpg
ho ho ho [bhumphrys, Dec 02 2015]


       Is that why hot tubs are so relaxing ? There are no chairs in sight.   

       No more conversation interruption, until all body parts are boiled red.
popbottle, Dec 02 2015

       JHC would you please produce a video featuring your earnest table companion discussing a matter of great import to hem/r and you punctuating this earnestness with periodic small slides of above described chair (not the modified one; the real, awful one) which become longer and louder as s/he becomes more animated and earnest.
bungston, Dec 04 2015


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