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Chair pants

Handy for gardening and other chores
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A pair of pants with a short "seat" atached to the seat. This would need to be a lightweight box shape, preferably cushioned, just wide enough for your rear, and only about 6 to 10 inches high. Comfortably sit while doing low-to-the-ground chores, rather than needing to kneel or go all the way down to the ground with your butt.

This would be better than a separate seat because as you move from chore to chore you don't have to remember to carry it around with you. It's attached to your butt so it's always in a convenient location.

PotatoStew, May 14 2001

Lazy Entrepeneur: Inflatable Chair Pants http://umweb3.unite...zye_by_name_1K.html
For meetings, not gardening. [jutta, May 14 2001]


       True enough, kneeling is sometimes the way to go in gardening. However there have been times I've found that sitting would work just as well for some tasks, with less stress on the knees (stress on the knees simply from being bent for a long time... pads don't help much with that).
PotatoStew, May 14 2001

       be like having a tail or being some sort of tripod
technobadger, May 14 2001

       I'm sure I've seen one of these in a gardening catalog somewhere...just had a strap across one's lap, and you walked around with it bobbing on your butt.
StarChaser, May 14 2001

       For the light-of-heart, perhaps an immense pair of plastic false buttocks in shocking pink attached to a pair of sturdy canvas trousers. I agree with PotatoStew, my knees give out. Useful for canoeing as well, when kneeling for extended perioded amidships results in deadened pedal extremities--ie yer feet go to sleep and you can't bloody walk.
Dog Ed, May 15 2001

       I took down my trousers in public to use a seat attatched to my pants I would be arrested.
Aristotle, May 15 2001

       Now defunct Australian sketch comedy program "The Late Show" did this about seven years back, but their version were "barstool pants".
mrkillboy, Jun 25 2001


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