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Chameleon pool

Solar powered swimming pool light-show
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During the day the solar panels fitted around the pool would charge the batteries, and at dusk the light sensor would activate all the little colored LEDs that entirely cover the internal walls and bottom of the pool.

The LEDs would be blue, red and yellow (primary colors), and alternately dim into one-another creating secondary colors magnified by the pools' distortion.

Im not entirely sure if solar power would exclusively suffice for this mean feat. If not, then perhaps it could at least assist the external power supply.

I can see this working nicely at a boutique hotel.

shinobi, Jul 24 2006

A boutique hotel http://www.the-hempel.co.uk/
Rather nice as I recall. (Don't be silly, I was just working there. If I could afford to stay places like that then I wouldn't be hanging out here with you reprobates.) [wagster, Jul 27 2006]


       I'm not sure about the physics of it but that never bothered me (many heads nod in agreement) As I understand it, the pool becomes a giant tv screen, with the capacity to generate controlled images. I have an idea in my note book for "swimming with TVs" (may put up on Bakery sometime) - so I really like this [+] just ignore the pathetic anonymous auto- boner. They should be boiled in cat vomit.
xenzag, Jul 24 2006

       This is effectively a swimming pool made out of led video walls. As such it is massively expensive, hugely bright and far too power hungry for solar power. It would however look quite insane. As you don't require images, why not space the leds out to one every square foot or so - this will still give a beautiful effect (probably more beautiful) and would last many hours on a solar powered battery.
wagster, Jul 24 2006

       If you only wanted an hour or so of display, a single 12volt battery could power over 2,000 micro LEDs at a very safe amperage, say 60-80mA (there are rules about pool lighting and current/voltage!). That's, say, 300 Watts over the hour if you use efficient LEDs.   

       So, if you hook this up to a decent photovoltaic system with 5kWh battery storage, you could run 8,000 LEDs for four hours - anyone for watching LOTR III in shinobi's pool? (+)
ConsulFlaminicus, Jul 24 2006

       It wouldn't look very good. A PAL image requires 720 x 575 x 3 leds, which is over 150 times more than you have available for your four hours. 8000 leds will only give you a 60x40 image.
wagster, Jul 24 2006

       'could have animated images, especially coupled with a camera overhead that detects the position and motion of swimmers in the pool: - shark that stalks people followed by an expanding pool of blood when it finds them - yellow stream that appears to be comming from a swimmer. - arrows that follow people around and just point to them or point in the direction they appear to be swimming. Nice for colision avoidance. - lines that randomly connect swimmers until they come to each other. - trails left in a swimmers wake that slowly fade. - bubbles comming up from underneith. - fish that avoid you. - treasure chests that appear and then open when someone reaches them. - mermaids and mermen the swim amonst the humans.
James Newton, Jul 24 2006

       How about phosphorescent plankton, like they have in some parts of the ocean?
DrCurry, Jul 24 2006

       // They should be boiled in cat vomit // Cat vomit is typically not liquidy enough for boiling. Its more like a turd that came out the wrong end.
MoreCowbell, Jul 24 2006

       who the hell gave me a fishbone?.....REVEAL YOURSELF!
shinobi, Jul 27 2006

       [shinobi] don't let it bother you - For every idea there is an anonymous auto-boner. I know who mine is - set a trap and they walked into it, and now I lurk, waiting for the right moment to spring out.   

       Being boiled in cat vomit is only the first course!
xenzag, Jul 27 2006

       What the fuck is a boutique hotel?
squeak, Jul 27 2006

       Neat. When you said chameleon pool I was thinking similar like a pool that hides itself to look like a cement walk or blades of grass. Surprise, it's a pool!   

sartep, Jul 27 2006

       //What the fuck is a boutique hotel?// It's a sort of hotel the size of a bed and breakfast with the price tag of a trip to the moon. (link)
wagster, Jul 27 2006

       Ye Gods! That place look awful. Anouska-Hempel-designed, over-priced bollox.   

       Really. Only utterly classless,nouveau riche, hollow, unimaginative bastards would stay in a place like that.   

       Who, tell me, who needs oxygen laid on in a hotel room, hospital room maybe. These things really get my back up. They cater for people who have huge wads of cash (cash often being confused with class and taste) and no idea whatsover what they should spend it on because they've never looked far enough into themselves to even know what THEY themselves like. They have to resort to being told and believing that it's luxurious to have your bed suspended in a cage over the living room (one of the options in [wagses] link), have everything gilt or gold or bloody marble. As if that makes a difference.   

       Think Posh and Becks and you'll know the kind of person I mean.
squeak, Jul 28 2006

       No, don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel.
shapu, Jul 28 2006

       [Squeak] my dear, may I take you to dinner at the Savoy? The langoustines are to *die* for. Mwah!
wagster, Jul 28 2006

       <obligatory WIFRT anno> When I first read this idea I thought it was a new version of pool where the balls were all green so you couldn't see where they were on the table. You'd hit the cue ball in a random direction and listen for a ball to drop into a hole. Each ball would reveal its normal colour when it was sunk, the winner being whoever sinks the 8-ball first.
Canuck, Jul 29 2006

       That's good too.
wagster, Jul 29 2006


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