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Good Clean Fun

Fool pool
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When you've tired of running off the high diving board and pirouetting in the air or trying to make the biggest splash from the low board, try our Xtreme pool equipment. The extra long diving board will give you extra high bounce or dip you into the waves on a deep, down swing. Our hoop or trapeze can be mounted above and in front of a diving board to dive through or grab. The quick buckle - quick release bungee cord can be hung over the water, to be reeled in to the diving board and after a few bounces it'll bounce you above and below the surface. As a preparation for later political demonstrations, let your kids try our soft water cannon complete with inflatable truncheons and foam, paving stones. Hear the screams of laughter as the "riot cops" swish the "anarchists" off their feet and propel them on the cushioned, plastic mat into the pool.
FarmerJohn, Jun 01 2002


       I should imagine there would be plenty of screams if someone like me tried to use this, yes. Of laughter, no.
jester, Jun 01 2002


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