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Chasing Waves Up The Road

car headlamps as a movie projector
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Car headlamps are powerful, especially the new projector LED types, but all that's emitted from them are fixed beams of light. I propose changing that with the inclusion of a plug-in digital image projector.

When activated, you will now be able to use your headlamps as static or moving image projectors, with the results appearing on the road ahead.

Due to the oblique angle of the beams on the road, semi abstracts such as waves or flames should work well while in motion, but if you park up, you'll be able to project a movie unto a wall or a garage door like a drive-in-cinema and watch from within the comfort of your car.

xenzag, Feb 15 2024

Mercedes product https://www.google....id:l1-jecq3GMY,st:0
Out of my pocket sadly [bhumphrys, Feb 15 2024]

What's projection mapping? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=E-I7Q5HEZQs
[xenzag, Feb 17 2024]


       Clever [+]
pocmloc, Feb 15 2024

       Great idea. Just wanted to let you know that Mercedes seem to be working towards your idea already. (Link)
bhumphrys, Feb 15 2024

       [+] Shirley this design is also available as an after-market installation package for older, roomier cars which have more room for pillows, quilts and popcorn?!
Sgt Teacup, Feb 15 2024

       Of course - the perfect environment is an older car to double up as a mobile movie projector. With twin device projector headlamps, 3D movies become possible too.
xenzag, Feb 16 2024

       Could be a safety measure as well. If you set a speed limit the display on the road could rein you back in with a message or an icon or image.   

       “Stop texting!” “Slow down!” “You just cut that guy off!” “The battery in your $90000 car is about to strand you somewhere bad.” “It’s your partner’s birthday.”
minoradjustments, Feb 16 2024

       If necessary you can instigate an epileptic seizure in a high-beam violator. Big plus.
minoradjustments, Feb 16 2024

       Who boned this? Disagree, very clever. [+]   

       I'll toggle my bun to bone a few times to prove it's not me. Autoboning is a horrible thing, I don't want to be blamed for it.   

       Hmm, there's an idea.
doctorremulac3, Feb 16 2024

       Thank you doc - I know you're not the autoboner. When you don't like something, you say so and say why. You're also equally very positive and complimentary. (starts blubbering) hahaha
xenzag, Feb 16 2024

       LOL, thank you for noticing xen, yes, I don't have a problem voicing my opinion.   

       Now shutting up, I probably could put a little more effort into that.   

       Toggling the bun to bone for 5 minutes just to verify, stand by...
doctorremulac3, Feb 16 2024

       Putting it back to bun in 5.
doctorremulac3, Feb 16 2024

       Okay, it's back, let me know if it needs repeating.
doctorremulac3, Feb 16 2024

       <placeholder for sexual innuendo>
pocmloc, Feb 16 2024

       // Car headlamps are powerful, especially the new projector LED types, but all that's emitted from them are fixed beams of light. //   

       This isn't precisely true either, even apart from [bhumphrys] note about Mercedes' projection headlights anticipating [xenzag]'s. Adaptive headlights have been available for several years - using multiple LEDs to shape and direct the beams as needed. Not to do neat moving pictures, but td=ull and practical things like dimming just part of the high-beams to avoid dazzling other drivers, while still lighting up the side of the road.   

       (Neither the bone nor any of the buns are mine, just sayin'...)
a1, Feb 16 2024

       Hi [xen] I love it+
xandram, Feb 16 2024

       Where have you been?
xenzag, Feb 16 2024

       I would use this to have my headlights project a detailed image of every car in the field of illumination of my headlights onto itself, but with added CGI dents and scratches
hippo, Feb 17 2024

       I'm sure that could be achieved by using a simultaneously recorded live view of the cars around you being processed to show them covered with dents, then projection mapped unto them via the headlamps.
xenzag, Feb 17 2024

       Exactly. It would require significant computing power to do the real-time analysis of the scene and rendering of images, and to keep up with the high frame rate required to make this work when driving at high speeds, but I’m sure it would be worth it.
hippo, Feb 17 2024

       See link for anyone who doesn’t know what projection mapping is. The link is an ad for a company but it’s a good, simplified explanation.
xenzag, Feb 17 2024



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