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"Go Before Me" light

When you can't decide who should go first at a 4-way stop
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I know I hate it when 2 or more people sit at a 4-way stop and make hand gestures at each other until one of them decides to go. But what usually happens in my case is that when I start out the other person starts out too and we get into a battle of the wills. Either that or someone from another direction goes and me and other guy are still there makeing guestures at each other. What we (I) need is another signal that motions for other same-time-stoppers to go ahead. It could be installed right above the windshield and below the roof line. Maybe it could be a different colo(u)r, like blue or something. The trigger for the GBM light could be mid-way down the column so that it dosn't get hit by accident.

Or does this only happen to me?
barnzenen, Oct 15 2001

Inter-car communication http://www.halfbake...car_20communication
Not entirely unbaked [hippo, Oct 15 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Interesting site with mention of SWS http://copradar.com...w/chapt7/ch7d1.html
Safety Warning System (SWS) detectors [bristolz, Oct 04 2004]


       Don't you flash your headlights for this?
pottedstu, Oct 15 2001

       I suppose flashing the headlights could be used for this purpose, but that is not the local custom in any of the places that I have driven (central, south, and east Unites States). Maybe things are different across the Big Pond?
BigBrother, Oct 15 2001

       Is Sensei Japanese for Sensor?
thumbwax, Oct 16 2001

       I recall something from Driver's Training that was supposed to apply here: Right-of-Way?   

       Of course in sunny California we just wave our handguns and largest caliber wins...
daruma, Oct 16 2001

       Right-of-Way...Right-of-Way...sounds familiar...gonna have to look that one up.
barnzenen, Oct 16 2001

       The person on the right goes first.
egnor, Oct 16 2001

       [PeterSealy} - I, too, was completely befuddled at this "stopping at stop signs" thing. I refuse to believe that it happens, though. This is probably just some urban legend, like the boogeyman, the Candyman, and the Dwight Yoakam.
AfroAssault, Oct 16 2001

       Does that mean that if I stop at stop signs, I cease to exist? ...Just asking.
sdm, Oct 16 2001

       As long as there is no-one there to see you stop...
The_Englishman_Abroad, Oct 16 2001

       This idea may sit better in the car:communication catagory, [barzanen], where you'll find several similar ideas, such as the one to which [hippo] links above.
Lemon, Oct 16 2001

       So now we have two people flicking their GBM lights at each other instead of waving at each other... How does this alleviate the problem?
MrWrong, Oct 16 2001

       Stop signs with white borders are optional....   

       Actually, flicking the headlights is the most common way I've seen this problem addressed. [BigBrother] needs to drive in Pennsylvannia, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, and Indiana more....then again, it may just be common in the rural areas.....   

       What do you call four blonds, each sitting a a stop sign at a four way intersection?
Susen, Oct 16 2001

       I knew a guy once who ceased to exist *because* he didn't stop at at stop sign. Go figure.
beauxeault, Oct 16 2001

       [Susen] The definition of eternity.   

       Last time I visited Great Falls, Montana, there were no stop signs anywhere in the city. Everyone is expected to use caution when proceeding through an intersection. They do have stop lights at major intersections, however.
phoenix, Oct 16 2001

       sensei is japanese for teacher (pronounced sen-say).   

dj_photon, Oct 17 2001

       Around the dark, high-hedged lanes of Cornwall by night, the locals switch off their headlights when approaching a junction. If they see no lights, they assume it's safe to go. Of course, if another local is doing the same thing, they're both in trouble.
angel, Oct 17 2001

       blissmiss, I can well imagine that. Likely to occur in our own Marin County as well -- I can see bumper stickers now: "Visualize Stopping."
daruma, Oct 17 2001

       This is an awesome idea. Especially if the light could be attached to a small explosive placed under the seat of the confused driver. Not only would this politely give the right of way to the opposing motorist, but it'd also rid the world of another idiot who can't figure out a 4way stop.
rapid transit, May 19 2003

       Speaking of flashing headlights....I was ticketed for blinking my lights in a speed trap....cop gives me a ticket for having "flashing lights"...I have standard equipment on my vehicle.........Florida judge wrote a book, says flashing your lights to warn drivers of cops with radar is legal....   

       Anyone got any info.......I'm taking this one to court....you can contact me directly....handyman484@hotmail.com
lance2003, Aug 21 2003

       Last time I read about it here in Washington I think it was illegal. Obstruction of justice or something. Actually, it wasn't for flashing headlights it was for posting a "Radar Trap Ahead" sign on the side of the road but they mentioned that flashing headlights also was illegal.
bristolz, Aug 21 2003


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