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Chat Bar

Bar, where everyone chats in a bar
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this allows almost anonymous conversation group conversation with people in the bar, all coments appear on the huge screen for everyone to see.

User1: wow that chic in white skirt is hot

User2: biggest boobs in this bar

User9: User2 you are an idiot .....

hopefully gotta make it so it doesnt lead to any fights, maybe remove all the usernames

romanmar, Jan 12 2005

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       I like the idea of a general vocal 'blather board'. Wouldn't like to make it specific!
Heavily edited by author
gnomethang, Jan 12 2005

       Used to visit a bar called "Paradise Lost" that displayed table numbers on a board (like bingo halls display their numbers). Every table also had a telephone, so you could see at a glance who was busy and you have every opportunity to make small talk. The bar has been out of existence for many years.
reensure, Jan 12 2005

       I thought of this too recently.   

       People could chat anonymously, then, if it was going well, do a PM (personal message) to each other to hook up at the bar.   

       A virtual bouncer would be required to kick chatters that created displayed text unacceptible to the standards set by the bar.   

       I wonder if it's been baked.   

       I would truly consider implementing it at a bar in the bar-intensive area near which I live.
Mustardface, Jan 13 2005

       User6: User1, that's not a chick.
Pericles, Jan 14 2005

       User2: So, what do I look like, eh? I'm 6'3, blond, green eyes, built like a football player. My friends say I'm pretty good looking.   

       User7: Really? Which one of these blond hunks are you? I want to meet you.   

       User2: Uh, errrr, oh. Well, um. I guess I should tell you the truth. I exaggerated just a teensy-weensy bit. I'm actually 4'10 with brown hair and eyes. But still good looking! My friends say I look like a young Danny De Vito!
Machiavelli, Jan 14 2005


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