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Bygone Bar

Spend the day in a past life
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Having just read Dr. Brian Weiss's 'Many lives, many masters' has got me hooked on the idea of what past lives I may have lived.

Time to set up a bar where you can step out of your monotonous present life and into perhaps a more enticing past life... think about it...

You get your own booth and hypnotist who surfs through your past lives until he finds a particularly interesting one, then takes you through it for a few hours!

The ad could go like:

Bored of the same old plans? Spend the weekend in 637 BC! First 10 lives at half price!

You could even get sponsors to do frequent flyer miles! Great business potential me thinks!

Guzu, Aug 06 2004


       I can remember that for you wholesale.
angel, Aug 06 2004

       I'm having enough trouble with this one.
skinflaps, Aug 06 2004

       So, OK. You can pay a hypnotist to make you believe lots of things, including past lives you'd like to pretend to have lived. I get that.   

       But what's the point of doing this in a bar? Why not just go to a hypnotist? It's not like you're going to take a break to order drinks in the middle of the session, because running a medieval empire always makes you thirsty.   

       Or would this place specialize in prop drinks that fit in with the fantasy - mead in big horns, stale water in dried pumpkin shells, etc?
jutta, Jan 13 2005


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